Single Colour Tattoo Removal

Single colour black or red tattoos usually respond well to laser treatments. Other colours do not respond so well but this can be discussed with you at your consultation.

Laser treatment with the Qswitched NdYAG laser is a safe and effective way of black or red tattoos being removed by breaking up the ink which is then absorbed and discarded by your body. It is very safe and harmless to you.

Before (left) after (right) tattoo removal.

Single colour tattoo removal before (left) after (right)

Bristol Laser Centre offers a sensitive, personal, honest approach to your laser treatment needs. An initial self-funded consultation, at £120, with our specialist doctor is always required to discuss your specific needs.

Single colour tattoo laser treatment sessions start from £65 per session. Single colour black ink tattoos can require 10-12 laser treatment sessions for maximum fading, but this will be discussed with you at your consultation. Treatments are spaced at least 8 weeks apart, to allow the body to absorb the treated pigment.

Your skin will need to be looked after carefully for one or two weeks after each appointment. You may also need to wear a high factor sunblock on the tattoo for the whole course of the treatment. It is not advisable to have a tattoo treated if you have a heavy suntan in the area because it increases the risk of scarring and does not work so well.

We recommend that you do not have tattoo laser treatment during pregnancy.

Before (left) after (right) tattoo removal.


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