Participating Hospitals

Neuro-Oncology units in the following Hospitals participate in the  Bristol Neuro-Oncology Group.

University Hospital Bristol Foundation Trust.

The Neuro Oncology department here has three Consultant Clinical Oncologists (Dr Kirsten Hopkins, Dr Alison Cameron and Dr Chris Herbert) who participate face to face in the Specialist MDTs  at Frenchay Hospital. They deliver Oncology treatments including Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Radiosurgery to patients with  Brain and other Central Nervous system tumours. All patients within Bristol and the majority of patients from North Somerset are treated here and are supported by Clinical Nurse specialists (Lois Baldry and  Belinda Coghlan)

Royal United Hospitals Bath

The Oncology unit here has two Consultant Clinical Oncologists (Dr Penny Kehagioglou and  Dr Mark Beresford) who deliver Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy to patients with Brain Tumours. Patients from Wiltshire with Brain tumours receive medical and supportive treatment from here. If further specialist advice is required then the Specialist MDT at Frenchay Hospital is consulted.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Cheltenham Oncology Centre

The Oncology unit here has two Consultant Clinical Oncologists (Dr Sam Guglani and Dr Sean Elyan) who specialise in delivering treatment for patients with Brain tumours. They refer patients into the Specialist MDTs at Frenchay Hospital and are supported by a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Anita Ashton).

North Bristol NHS Trust

All Adult patients from Bristol, North Somerset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire with a suspected or diagnosed Brain or other Central Nervous system tumour are referred to the Specialist MDTs’ here. Any Surgical treatment or diagnosis will be carried out at Southmead Hospital Bristol. If patients require any additional treatment then it is carried out at local hospitals as above. All care leading up to surgery and post-operative care is co-ordinated here whereas ongoing treatment and support is co-ordinated locally.

Participating Hospitals