Haemangiomas are sometimes called strawberry naevi.

Haemangiomas are caused by an abnormal growth of blood vessels and show up as flat or raised marks or lumps under the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. They usually appear soon after birth, grow for a few months, then stay the same for a period of time, then gradually shrink and fade.

Laser treatment can be useful to fade the redness of haemangiomas.

Children or adults with large or disfiguring haemangiomas may be able to get NHS treatment. You will need to see your GP to discuss making an application to your local Exceptional Funding Panel.

If you cannot get NHS funding you can self-fund your consultation and treatment here at the Bristol Laser Centre. An initial consultation, at £120, with our specialist doctor is always required to discuss your specific needs. Treatments start from £127 per treatment session.

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