Clinical Simulation Courses

Simulation manikin during scenario.Our expert faculty develop and organise a variety of courses covering a range of specialties and themes. We are also pleased to host and support a number of local and regional courses in our purpose built simulation space.

Many of our courses are open to candidates from around the south-west region so please contact us if you are interested in attending one.

Upcoming courses are listed below.

Simulation Essentials: 'Train the Trainer'

Our 'Train the Trainer' course provides a thorough introduction to using simulation based education for training healthcare staff.

The course is open to all healthcare professionals, suitable for anyone with an interest in simulation training.

A follow up 1/2 day now allows attendees to further practise the skills and knowledge gained on day 1 as they take part in the delivery of one of our ACUTE simulation sessions.

Topics covered include:

  • Key education theories
  • planning, preparing and running scenarios
  • Using simulation manikins & simulation technology
  • Group debriefing
  • Support as faculty on ACUTE simulation course


Feedback from previous attendees:

"Very enjoyable and helpful course for anyone wanting to run simulations"

"This is an excellent beginners level course on planning and running simulation training"

"An excellent course that has inspired me to get more involved in developing and providing simulation sessions"

"Brilliant course, I will be recommending it to my colleagues and will use so much of what I learnt to apply to future simulations I run as a
clinical skills trainer"

"Extremely well delivered course that covers the essentials of what you need to embark on delivering simulation teaching sessions"

"Well executed, relevant to all grades, useful for my future practice as well as teaching others"

Next Course: Thursday 6th June

Course Fee: £120.00

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Anaesthetics Taster Course

Our Anaesthetics Taster Course is a 1 day course for Foundation Doctors and Clinical Fellows looking to pursue a career in Anaesthetics.

Topics include:

  • The role of the Anaesthetist
  • Introduction to the anaesthetic machine
  • Practical and advanced airway management
  • Anaesthetic based simulation scenarios
  • How to perform an RSI
  • Interview preparation and practise

Next Course: Coming Spring/Summer

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ACUTE: Medical & Surgical Courses

ACUTE is our 1/2 day simulation course looking at the 'Essentials', 'Emergencies', and 'Challenges' of Medical and Surgical ward work.

  • ACUTE: Essentials looks at A-E assessment, initial management of an unwell patient, out-of-hours work, and non-technical skills.
  • ACUTE: Emergencies builds upon this to include the further management of the acutely unwell patient, prioritisation, and cardiac arrest.
  • ACUTE: Challenges expands to further explore decision making, managing adversity, leading a team and human factors.

The ACUTE programme is split to include Medical and Surgical themed courses.

Our ACUTE courses are suitable for;

  • Foundation Year 1 & 2 Doctors 
  • SHO Doctors and Clinical Fellows 
  • Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals 
  • Physician Associates.

Upcoming Dates:

Friday 12th April, 1pm - 4.30pm, Surgical Challenges
Wednesday 24th April, 1pm - 4.30pm, Medical Challenges
Wednesday 8th May, 9am - 12.30pm, Surgical Challenges
Thursday 13th June, 1pm - 4.30pm, Medical Challenges

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Developed to cater to more experienced healthcare workers, and building upon our ACUTE series, the CRITICAL course is a half day simulation course focusing on the management of critically unwell patients.

Strengthening complex decision making and management this course will develop both clinical and non-technical skills with scenarios based in ED, AMU, and Critical Care settings.

The CRITICAL course is designed for a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional team, and has participation from both doctors and nurses.

Themes include:

  • Leading a Team
  • Managing Adversity
  • Challenging Decisions
  • Human Factors

This course is suitable for:

  • SHO and ST3+ doctors of any specialty
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Clinical Fellows

Please note, attendance on one of our 'ACUTE' courses is not required before attending this course.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 18th April, 1pm - 4.30pm
Friday 17th May, 9am - 12.30pm
Friday 7th June, 9am - 12.30pm

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Theatre Team Non-Technical Skills

This free 1 day course combines simulation training and small group tutorials to explore and enhance non-technical skills for staff working in the theatre environment.

Themes include:

  • Decision making
  • Team working
  • Task management
  • Situational awareness

This course is suitable for:

  • Operating Department Practitioners
  • Scrub Nurses
  • Anaesthetic Nurses
  • Theatre Health Care Assistant's

Next Course: Friday 21st June

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