Postdoctoral Training in Clinical Neuropsychology

This course delivers the underpinning knowledge to support candidates in the development of specialist practice in clinical neuropsychology. The content provides the Knowledge and Skills component of the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) syllabus for those who want to undertake the Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology. This course is one of only three courses nationally offering this training.

The course is based upon an established academic partnership between Bristol University and North Bristol NHS Trust. The Academic Partnership was set up specifically to support this new course and represents a formal linkage between the Department of Experimental Psychology within Bristol University, and the Department of Neuropsychology within North Bristol NHS Trust; institutions with records of clinical and academic excellence.

The Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology course has a strong scientist-practitioner ethos where candidates will refine their skills in understanding and applying the scientific evidence base to their practice. It is intended that candidates completing the course will have a firm contemporary knowledge of Clinical Neuropsychology practice as well as the skills to maintain this high level of knowledge throughout their careers. In designing the course we aim to be academically robust, contemporary and clinically relevant. We aim to train candidates who are knowledgeable, scientist-practitioners, confident and capable in assessment and rehabilitation / treatment within neuropsychology, who use evidence based tools, techniques and approaches, and are able to continue to learn and develop throughout their careers in Clinical Neuropsychology.

The course is jointly directed by Dr Kit Pleydell-Pearce, Senior Lecturer in Neuropsychology within Bristol University, and Dr Martin Bunnage, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist within North Bristol NHS Trust. It is guided by a program management group consisting of the two Directors, the Partnership Director, Dr Ingram Wright, the Assistant Director Dr David Turk, and the Head of the Department of Experimental Psychology, Professor Jan Noyes and the Head of the Department of Neuropsychology, Dr Ingram Wright.