Resuscitation Services Department

The Resuscitation Services Department provides professional and clinical leadership, guidance and support in all aspects of resuscitation across the Trust and associated agencies.

We coordinate and undertake the clinical and educational aspects of both adult and paediatric resuscitation for:

• Nursing
• Midwifery
• Medical Healthcare Professionals
• Allied Healthcare Professionals

As clinical experts in the field of resuscitation we are also responsible for attending cardiac arrests and clinical emergencies as part of the Clinical Emergency Team.

As a centre we are registered with the following organisations to provide National accredited courses:

• Resuscitation Council (UK)
• Royal College of Physicians
• European Resuscitation Council (ERC)
• British Heart Foundation

“We are an innovative and flexible team in both the delivery of training and extended resuscitation services. We remain proactive in supporting clinical quality improvement and care for our patients”.

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