Fresh Arts Exhibitions

Fresh Arts boosts the spirits, health and emotional wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors at North Bristol NHS Trust.

One way we do this is through changing exhibitions which showcase work by local artists, schools, community groups and art organisations.

Fresh Arts Exhibitions

The exhibitions create a lively, changing backdrop to busy spaces in the hospital, giving people something to look at and think about while they are with us.

Artworks can offer a moment of calm, emotional support or hope to those facing a difficult time. Lots of people are anxious when visiting the hospital and studies have shown that art can help to distract them from their worries, as well as lifting their spirits.

“I just wanted you to know how much your picture 'spring clean' meant to me during the last month. My husband suffered a horrific accident, nearly cutting off the top of his hand in a circular saw. He was taken to Southmead hospital, where three teams of plastic surgeons worked for 9 and a half hours to save his hand. During those awful times, when I paced the corridors with my family, the one beautiful thing that shone out like a beacon of hope was your beautiful picture.

Don't ever think of your hospital pictures as just pictures, they have the power to help people through dark times....thank you so much” – Wife of an outpatient

The Fresh Arts exhibitions programme aims to:

  • Make the hospital a nicer place to visit
  • Build links with our local communities and arts organisations
  • Celebrate the creativity of North Bristol NHS Trust staff
  • Be the public face of Fresh Arts
  • Generate funds for our work through sales of art

There are artworks in four galleries in the Brunel building at Southmead Hospital Bristol.