Services provided by the South West Genomic Laboratory Hub

The SWGLH is the point-of-access for all genomic tests listed in the National Genomic Test Directory for rare diseases and for cancer

Funding of tests

The SWGLH is directly funded for service delivery so there will be no provider-to-provider invoicing for tests specified by the national Genomic Test Directory (NGTD), and patients meeting the eligibility criteria.


The following tests will be performed in one of the SWGLH laboratories:

  • All cancer and haemato-oncology indications - Bristol
  • All common rare disease indications -  Bristol or Exeter
  • Specialist tests for neurology, cardiac and renal indications - Bristol
  • Specialist tests for endocrine indications  - Exeter
  • National rapid exome sequencing service (R14) -  Exeter

Samples for the following test indications should be sent to the SWGLH but will be processed and forwarded to a different specialist laboratory in the GLH network. Results will be sent directly to the requesting clinical team:

  • Specialist haematology
  • Specialist ophthalmology
  • Specialist gastrohepatology
  • Specialist hearing
  • Specialist immunology
  • Specialist inherited cancer
  • Specialist metabolic
  • Specialist mitochondrial
  • Specialist musculoskeletal
  • Specialist respiratory
  • Specialist skin
  • Non-invasive pre-natal diagnosis


The information on requesting these tests can be found on the SWGLH Sample and Test Information pages

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