SWGLH Education

SWGLH Education

The SWGLH is committed to the development of the Clinical Workforce to ensure that it is educated to deliver a quality assured Genomic Medicine Service for the population that is served in the region.

The SWGLH workforce development strategy is underpinned by a set of guiding principles:

  • It is aimed at the multi-professional workforce and not limited to professional groups
  • It is cross-organisational and not is bound to existing institutional boundaries
  • It is focussed on ensuring a genomically knowledgeable workforce aligned to deliver equity of testing to the local population

The SWGLH education and training plan defines the portfolio of Genomic education and training activities required to deliver the workforce development strategy. 

There will be several different modes of delivery to underpin the plan's guiding principles:

  • Accessible to all - where possible based on individual learning needs
  • Various modes and formats to support different styles of learning
    • Following current guidelines in line with social distancing - using remote delivery methodology
  • Using evaluation and improvement science methodology to continuously drive for quality education and training that is fit for its intended purpose

Education and Training Leadership and Networks

  • The Education strategy and plan is led by the SWGLH Education and Training Lead.  Contact details above
  • The lead facilitates activity from teams and individuals across the regions’ key stakeholder groups including expertise from Scientists, Clinicians and Educationalists


This area of the website has content pages associated with:
  • Information on future educational events
  • Resources from past events
  • Signposting to both national genomics educational packages and locally developed resources
  • Link to a genomics glossary 



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