The South West Laboratories

The South West Laboratories

  • The SW Genomic Laboratory Hub (SW GLH) is one of the network of seven English Genomic Laboratory Hubs that was commissioned from 2020 to deliver genomic testing services in accordance with the National Genomic Test Directories.


  • The SWGLH is a partnership between two laboratories and their host NHS Trusts:

  • Bristol Genetics Laboratory at North Bristol NHS Trust (Southmead site)
    This is the main laboratory where all cancer and most rare disease genomic testing is performed.
    View Bristol Website here

  • Exeter Genomics Laboratory at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Wonford site)
    This laboratory provides some specialised rare disease genomic testing services, including some national services.
    View Exeter Website here


The SWGLH is the NHS provider for Genomic testing for the 5 million NHS patients in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, and some parts of Wiltshire. The SWGLH also provides some specialist rare disease tests for NHS patients in other regions


SW Genomic Laboratory Hub Photos Bristol - Exeter