NBT values

Our Vision & Values

Our aim is to provide our patients with best practice, high quality care and treatment that is comparable to the best in the world. We want to care for our patients in a safe environment  and ensure that everyone has an outstanding experience.

As part of a local healthcare system we need to make the most efficient use of resources and work with partners to continuously improve the way we do things as we know this will lead to a better experience for patients and better clinical outcomes.

We want to be nationally recognised for our specialist services, leading regional provider networks and developing our services through a combination of clinical excellence, research and high quality training.

Our vision has been defined as:

‘We will realise the great potential of our organisation by empowering our skilled and caring staff to deliver high-quality, financially sustainable services in state of-the-art facilities. Clinical outcomes will be excellent and with a spirit of openness and candour we will ensure an outstanding experience for our patients.’

Our values

Our values represent the way we do things and what we stand for.  By embedding these shared values in everything we do we will increase staff engagement, improve outcomes and create a positive experience for our patients.

NBT values