Outside Brunel

Building the Brunel

On 28 May 2014, the Brunel building fully opened and is at the centre of the redeveloped Southmead Hospital Bristol site.

The 800-bed Brunel building sees the end of the traditional ward with single en-suite rooms and single-sex four-bed rooms greatly improving privacy and dignity and helping to control the spread of infections.

Care for the most seriously-ill patients has improved. The Emergency Department (ED) has its own entrance - greatly improving access for ambulances. There is a helipad with a link straight into the Emergency Department and there are also 48 dedicated single rooms for High Dependency and Intensive Care patients.

The design and layout of the Brunel building means that patients and visitors find it easy to navigate. There is one main entrance and relevant departments are located next to each other, cutting down on travel times around the site.

The Brunel building was built with sustainability in mind and is bright and airy with outside views.

There are 2,700 parking spaces on site. Public transport links to the hospital have been greatly improved, making it easier for patients, visitors and staff to leave their cars at home.

Key Project Dates

  • July 2004 - The Outline Business Case is approved by the Secretary of State
  • March 2005 - Southmead confirmed as the preferred site for the new build
  • October 2009 - Full planning approval received
  • November 2009 – Carillion appointed as preferred bidder
  • February 2010 – Contract signed with Carillion to design and build the New Hospital
  • 26 March 2014 – Phase 1 Building is handed over to North Bristol NHS Trust
  • 28 May 2014 – Brunel building declared fully open
  • July 2016 – Phase 2 Building work completed including the Multi Storey Car Park
  • 2019 - Phase 3 Final Landscaping to be completed.