The Atrium

Upon entering the building, one of the most striking elements of the Brunel building is its 280 metre long atrium connecting one end of the building to the other.

This large open space has large areas of glass walls, with different colours marking the different areas, and a fully glazed concourse roof bringing light into this space.
From here you check in using the self-check-in screens available and then take the lifts or stairs to the area required. There is a welcome desk with staff able to help with any questions about check-in.

At the front entrance of the Brunel building, the height of the atrium is the same as the nave of Westminster Abbey and at the other end, where the Emergency Department (ED) is located, as high as Bristol Cathedral’s nave.

Did you know?

1,750,000 m of data cabling and 5,500,000 m of electrical cable was used in the Brunel building.