The Bristol Project

The Bristol Project film is about five teenage boys. These young people worked with Professor Sue Roulstone and Dr Clodagh Miskelly from the University of the West of England and a film production company to explore the research question:

'What is it like to be a teenager with speech and language difficulties?'

The answers to that question were not what the researchers expected to hear. The young people challenge us to focus on their interests and their positive contributions rather than on their difficulties.  The film portrays these teenagers with affection and humour and gives them a chance to share their enthusiasms. Although the boys' difficulties with communication may be apparent in the film, we are challenged to consider our role in defining their difficulties.

The speech & language therapy research unit would be grateful for a voluntary contribution of £8.00 per copy to cover duplication costs and postage & packing.

You can find out more about this video by downloading the PDF below.

PDF iconBSLTRU_The Bristol Project_Download.pdf