Research Priorities in Child Speech Disorder

A workshop was undertaken to identify and prioritise the research that clinicians need and want undertaking.

The attendees identified 58 research topics, sorted these into 10 initial coherent themes and prioritised them in terms of greatest need. Specifically, we asked them to independently identify and rank the five themes they considered most important. With these rankings, we assigned a score to each theme, with higher scores representing a higher ranking identifying the priority (table one).












The CSDRN further explored the workshop outcomes and validated the participant’s prioritisation.  Figure one shows the categorisation of the developed research questions.  The CSPRN will use the individual clinically relevant questions, as indicators of need and drivers for future research programmes.  Moreover, the attendees of the workshop, together with interested members of the CENs, are and will continue to be valued colleagues to the network, as we seek to involve practitioners in the process of research at all stages – from identifying research priorities and setting questions, through to data collection and analysis, and on to disseminating the results.