The Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit (BSLTRU) conducts research and development that aims to improve the care and management of people with speech, language and communication disorders by developing knowledge related to the prevention, management and social consequences of the disorders.

The Unit is hosted by North Bristol NHS Trust and is situated in the grounds of Southmead Hospital, Bristol. The team consists of speech & language therapy, psychology and information systems researchers with specialisms in primary language delays, speech impairments, aphasiology and stuttering as well as administrative and technical support.

Our research is entirely funded by grants and charitable donations.

To find out what we have been up to in the last six months Autumn newsletter.

PDF iconBSLTRU Newsletter Issue 3 Autumn 2019.pdf

To find out what we have been up to in the 2018/19 financial year download our Annual Report.

PDF iconBSLTRU Annual Report 2018-2019 .pdf

Past annual and interium report can also be downloaded.

PDF iconBSLTRU Newsletter Issue 2 Spring_2019.pdf

PDF iconBSLTRU Newseltter Issue 1 Autumn 18.pdf

PDF icon BSLTRU Annual Report 2017.18 FINAL .pdf

PDF iconBSLTRU Annual Report 2016.17.pdf