Adult Bowel Care Training

Adult Bowel Care

Length of course: 1 hour practical session

Who is it for? Registered nurses, midwives and other allied healthcare professionals caring for patients requiring bowel interventions.

Pre-course requirements: Learners will have completed the pre-course eLearning on the Managed Learning Environment prior to booking a place on the practical session and will be expected to read the related policies beforehand.

Related policies: Adult Bowel Catheterisation Policy, Chaperone Policy, Mental Capacity Act (2005) Policy, Consent Policy, Anaphylaxis Policy

Aim: Learners will have the skills and knowledge to undertake bowel management competencies relevant to their job role safely, successfully and appropriately, while increasing awareness of adult bowel dysfunction, assessment and treatment.

During this course using simulation, learners will practice digital rectal examination (DRE) while identify different stool types, digital rectal stimulation (DRS), digital removal of faeces (DRF) and the insertion of suppositories and enemas. We will also be discussing ethical reasoning surrounding consent, mental capacity assessments, chaperoning and management of patients at risk of autonomic dysreflexia.

For further information please contact Kim Clements, Clinical Skills Team Administrator telephone 0117 4149248 or email