volunteer piano player sitting at piano within the building atrium

Fresh Arts Volunteer Musician

*Auditions for this role take place twice a year in February and July/August. You are welcome to apply at any time, but depending on when you submit your application, you could experience a wait of up to 5 months to be offered an audition slot.*


To enhance the experience of all members of the hospital community by providing background music for their enjoyment.

Commitment level

A minimum of 6 sessions per calendar year, within pre-booked slots

Summary of duties

•    To play the piano, or other musical instrument, in the designated space within the Brunel building atrium
•    To interact with members of the hospital community in a polite, inclusive and professional manner
•    Be an ambassador for North Bristol NHS Trust – in particular, supporting the work of the Fresh Arts programme and Southmead Hospital Charity
•    Report any defects/issues with the piano/equipment

Skills, experience, attitudes, and qualities needed


•    Excellent musician, sensitive to the needs of a very diverse (and at times vulnerable) audience 
•    Positive attitude to providing appropriate background music within a busy public space and place of work
•    Ability to take clear direction
•    Willingness to undertake all mandatory training and follow instructions given by the Music Manager
•    Friendly and personable manner
•    Shows empathy, patience, respect for, and consideration of others
•    Excellent listening and communication skills


•    Ability and willingness to play diverse requests by ear (this is not essential)

Training and information provided

•    Volunteer orientation and induction within the hospital
•    Induction and mandatory training for all North Bristol NHS Trust Fresh Arts Volunteer Musicians 
•    Ongoing volunteer updates and useful information

Challenges of the position

NBT values the role of music and the arts in supporting, enhancing and facilitating positive healthcare outcomes; however, the Brunel building atrium is primarily a place of work and public building, not a concert hall. All musical activity undertaken by volunteers within this space must be delivered with due consideration to all users of the building.

Coming into hospital can be an anxious time for patients and their relatives. It is important that the volunteer musician remains calm and listens politely to feedback. Our training provides support and guidance on how to approach challenging situations

Boundaries of the position

Volunteering within the NHS has clear boundaries to ensure that we are keeping our patients and volunteers safe. You will be provided with further details upon successful recruitment 

Reimbursement of expenses

Travel expenses to and from the hospital can be reimbursed

Benefits of volunteering

•    Gain practical experience in delivering music in healthcare settings (especially useful for those with an interest in careers in musical performance/music therapy/community music) and receive invitations to perform at special events
•    Contribute to the wellbeing of the hospital community and help create a welcoming environment
•    Learn about working within a healthcare environment (especially useful for those with an interest in careers in health services)
•    References can be provided on completion of three months volunteering, providing a minimum of 12 sessions have been completed during this time
•    Make new friends and meet other musicians
•    Awards in recognition of volunteering contribution

Recruitment information

You will need to complete an application form, pass an audition, complete mandatory training and sign the volunteer pianist’s code of conduct before commencing activity in the role of volunteer pianist


If you would like further information about this role please contact the Music Manager at: piano@nbt.nhs.uk 

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this volunteer opportunity, please click the link below to be taken to the application portal, where you will be able to apply online: 

Current Vacancies | North Bristol NHS Trust (nbt.nhs.uk)

If you would like an alternative method to apply, such as a paper application form, please get in touch with us directly on: 

Telephone Number: 0117 414 0110

Email: Volunteer.services@nbt.nhs.uk

Postal Address: Volunteer Services, North Bristol NHS Trust, Brunel building, Level 1, Gate 18, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB