Staff Remote Working: Multi Factor Authentication

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a feature which adds more security to our North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) user accounts, when staff are using NBT applications via a non-NBT device. It is an extra verification step to make sure users are who they say they are when logging in remotely.

When will staff need this?

Staff will be asked to authenticate their user information when accessing our Cloud-based services including Microsoft Teams and the NBT intranet (LINK).

How does it work?

There are several different MFA options for staff to choose from as shown below.

  • Android / iOS app:
    • Notifications: Receive a notification via an app, and authenticate via a phone.
    • Verification Code: Copy a code sent to your app into your login screen.
  • Mobile phone:
    • Phone Call: Answer an automated call, and press # to authenticate.
    • Text message: Receive a code via text message – copy this into your login screen.
  • Other phone - Phone call: Answer an automated call, and press # to authenticate.
  • Other Security questions: Set up answers to 5 security questions.

How does a user set this up?

This can ONLY be done when on site and using an NBT device.

How does a user reset Multi Factor Authentication?

We recommend that staff set up at least two methods of authentication to assist with resetting their Multi Factor Authentication.

If a user needs to change, or remove a method of authentication:

  • Visit
  • Use the NBT email address as a username.
  • If at work, staff will not be asked for your password. Away from work staff will need to enter their NBT user password also.
  • In the ‘Security Info’ section, click ‘Update Info’.

When asked to confirm MFA, if the preferred method is not available the user will need to select ‘Sign in another way’ where they can choose from their configured methods of Authentication. Then, from here, they can delete old methods and set up new ones as required.

Experiencing problems?

Staff experiencing problems signing into their account, or using Multi Factor Authentication in general, should contact the NBT IT Service Desk.