Breast Care Centre moving

North Bristol NHS Trust are moving all Breast services, including outpatient clinics, day case operations, inpatient operations and mammography from Frenchay Hospital to Southmead Hospital at the end of May 2011. 

The new Breast Care Centre will be located in E ward which has been completely refurbished, and situated near the main entrance. Mammograms will also be provided from the new Breast Care Centre.

All medical, nursing and support staff currently working within the Breast Care Centre at Frenchay Hospital will transfer into the new centre at Southmead Hospital.  

Why is the Trust proposing this move?

Patients have told us they really value the one stop clinics and instant diagnosis service provided at North Bristol NHS Trust. 

Historically we have been able to provide this because the Breast Care Centre is located very close to the Pathology diagnosis service on the Frenchay Hospital site, plus there’s a strong working relationship between the two services.  As a result most patients know the results of their test within a few hours of their biopsy.

The new Pathology centre, as part of the new hospital development at Southmead, is now complete and pathology services across both Frenchay and Southmead Hospital are being centralised into these new award-winning facilities. 

Moving the Breast Care Centre to Southmead Hospital will mean we can offer patients one stop clinics and instant diagnosis.   It also means all patients can benefit from the new Pathology facilities.  Due to staffing problems within Pathology we can not offer one stop clinics to all patients at present.  The Trust is working to resolve these problems.

What benefits will this bring for patients?

  • The new waiting area at Southmead Hospital is a more pleasant environment than the current waiting area at Frenchay Hospital. It is separated from the thoroughfare of the centre and is spacious, well lit and will contain a hot drinks vending machine. 
  • After consultations patients will no longer have to walk past the waiting area and reception. There is a separate exit at the end of the ward leading out into a small garden area.  This meets the standards that patients have asked for in the new hospital.
  • The new Breast Cancer Care Centre at Southmead Hospital is more spacious than the current Breast Care Centre at Frenchay Hospital.
  • Patients will have their mammogram within the new Breast Care Centre and will not have to go to another part of the hospital.
  • By May 2011 at least an extra 200 patient parking spaces will be made available near the main entrance, making it easier to park at Southmead Hospital.

How have patients’ views been sought?

We formally consulted with patient groups including Breast Unit Support Team, Bosom Buddies and Young Women for Young Women.  These groups provide support and fundraise for Breast patients.

We also held a series of open days in April to discuss the plans with patients and the public.