Celebrating the final NBT Heroes of 2021

Collage of people

On Friday 3 December, we celebrated the final group of hero award winners for 2021.

In what has been a challenging year for all our staff, it has been amazing to award so many well-deserved awards to individuals and teams across the Trust. In 2021, at 6 award ceremonies, over 100 members of staff have received an NBT hero award to mark the dedication, commitment, and compassion that they show to our patients, each other, and our communities every day.

At Friday’s virtual ceremony, Simon, Director of Estates, Facilities and Capital Planning and Mel, Associate Director of Nursing and Chief Nursing Information Officer delivered a heartfelt and personal thank you to our December winners while reading out their nomination.

Congratulations to our winners, it is truly well deserved.

Read the full nominations below:


Susan Trace, Medirooms Senior Healthcare Assistant

Nominated by Honeylyn Sarao, Mediroom Manager and Clinical Practice Facilitator

I would like to nominate Susan Trace, “our Sue” for an NBT Hero Award. Sue has been working for the Trust for nearly 30 years and I am sure many will agree with me on this; she has guided, supported and mentored so many staff. She is competent, confident and so knowledgeable and has been the “go-to” person for the team. She has supported the newly joined staff in our department throughout the pandemic and made them feel welcomed. Sue’s flexibility and adaptability even during the most stressful and time-pressured situations, reflects her caring, professional and compassionate demeanour. I would like to nominate Sue for her overall contribution to the team and her helpful attitude towards colleagues. Sue is definitely a star team player.

Martin O’Flaherty, Imaging Porter

Nominated by the Sustainable Development  and Communications Team

We would like to nominate Martin for an NBT hero award for his work promoting active travel at the Trust. Martin went above and beyond to help our COP26 campaign which highlighted the great work that happens around the Trust. Martin volunteered to be part of a series of Bristol Climate Action videos with Bristol City Council filming on his day off. This was highlighted as one of the most powerful case studies in the project due to Martin’s passion and enthusiasm for his newfound love of cycling and how beneficial the bike loan scheme was to him. Both the videographer and the Council commented on how great Martin was to work with and how flexible he was in his approach to filming. His story has also encouraged some of his colleagues to try cycling. Working with Martin on this project has been a pleasure. He has always ensured we had everything we needed, a true NBT Hero taking a step beyond his role as an Imaging Porter to promote the best practices for our health and environment. Thank you Martin!

Marie Rose, Housekeeper

Nominated by Tom McDonough (Therapy Support Worker)

Marie is tireless and conscientious in her work every day. She is truly the unsung hero of our ward, making sure we have everything we need to run smoothly. She actively lifts the spirits of the team around her and her relationship with patients is amazing - making sure they get all the help they need to make them more comfortable during a difficult time. Marie will make sacrifices such as working extra time to make sure the patient's needs are met, although we'd all rather she got her proper time off to look after herself too. When you read this, Marie, you're great and we couldn't manage without you. I hope you get some well-deserved recognition!

Andrew Roberts, Healthcare Science Practitioner

Tony Norman, Physiotherapy Technician

I would like to nominate Andrew for an NBT Hero award. He has really helped the Physio department in many ways in recent years and I wanted to express our gratitude towards him. Andrew has been instrumental in helping me and other colleagues with various projects, including training videos for new staff and patients. Andrew is a hero that sits behind the scenes or behind the camera in most cases! Always calm, collected and professional, Andrew has great patience and is very flexible. I have always enjoyed working with Andrew and just wanted to say that he is a true asset to North Bristol Trust and deserves recognition for his contributions. Well done indeed. You truly deserve an NBT Hero award! Many thanks, Tony, EJ and the Neuro Physio team.

Tyler Ganfield, Senior Clinical Coder

Nominated by Lesley Mansell, Equality and Diversity Manager

Tyler has made a huge and very positive difference to everyone who uses the kitchen and now the garden area in the Christopher Hancock Building. We all think he deserves a hero award. At the back of the building, there is a garden area - part of it is mowed by our Estates staff but a proportion of it was completely untended and full of weeds. This year, Tyler has transformed the area, putting a lot of his own time and money into the garden, to turn this area into a pleasant place to sit during lunch and breaks. It is also a great talk point amongst our colleagues.

Tyler has acted as the main catalyst throughout this transformation and has carried out most of the upkeep. But he has enthused other colleagues who have brought in plants and hung up flower containers which really helps to brighten up the area. He also cleared another section and is growing some vegetables and herbs. There is also a large buddleia at the back and the birds like to hide in that then fly over to the bird feeder which Tyler also looks after. In fact, we now have a variety of birds, robins, blue tits as well as sparrows and pigeons. Thank you Tyler!

Linda Rowsell, Hand Centre Admin Assistant/Acting Lead

Nominated by Rachel Nestor (Physiotherapist)

Linda has worked in our team for over 8 years and has spent her career working in the NHS. As part of a small team, she ensures the smooth running of our complex and busy clinics in the Hand Centre. Day to day Linda's work is of exceptional quality, and she diligently makes sure we have all the information needed for clinics. She deals with many patient calls with patience and empathy at all times. In recent times, as a team, they have had to deal with many staff shortages and had to go the extra mile. In these challenging times, patient care and attention to detail is always maintained to the highest level. In the last few weeks, Linda has stepped up to take on the job of acting lead administrator for the team, alongside her normal duties and has really taken it in her stride. This is no small task ensuring patients are booked into appropriate clinics in a timely fashion and often involves difficult phone calls and requires skills of reassurance and empathy. Without Linda and her team, we would not be able to run the service that we do and we would really like to acknowledge her as an NBT hero, keeping the Hand Trauma Therapy service running.

Laura Tanner, Music Programme Manager

Nominated by Anjali Lockett, Administrator

Today the chain on my bike not only came off but also jammed in my wheel whilst cycling to work, proving impossible to get out on my own. I had no option but to carry my bike the rest of the way to work in order to keep it securely stored until I could get a car to pick it up. This was hard work, meant I was late for work and also meant I had no clue how I was going to get home. Just as I was walking through the Southmead estate, carrying my bike, Laura stopped me and asked if everything was alright? I explained what had happened and she immediately got to work saying 'No NBT cyclist is alone!'. Putting down her packages she got working on the chain without anything to protect her clothing or hands from the oil and grease. She used to volunteer at Bristol Bike Project, so I was in good hands. Unfortunately, this was a severe case and we needed reinforcements. She called a gentleman (Ian in human resources, I believe) who met us outside the Trust Headquarters entrance whilst Laura nipped inside to get her bike toolkit. Between the three of us, with lots of help from various tools, extra grease and brute force managed to free my chain. Laura got everything attached and running again - such a hero! Not only did Laura stop to help a fellow NBT cyclist in need (with no way of getting herself home at the end of the day), but did it with a smile, a cheery disposition, delaying whatever else she had to do and getting herself covered in grease at the same time, all before morning coffee break! I was able to make it home in one piece, as did my bike, plus I had a crash course in bike maintenance at the same time, thanks Laura!

Tracey Elvins, Staff Nurse – Westgate Children’s House

Nominated by Debra Sainsbury, NICU Staff Nurse

Tracey is a quiet hero. She takes everything in her stride and gets on with it. We had a recent spell of short staff, which meant Tracey was left working alone - it didn’t faze her. She just got on with delivering her usual wonderful care. Making every child and parent happy and cared for. Tracey has an excellent rapport with our patients. She knows what they need and she can persuade the most scared and difficult child to allow us to take bloods. She is an asset to our department.

Dr Hayder Ewad, Consultant

Nominated by Andrea Lings (Registrar)

It is clear that Dr Ewad goes above and beyond to look after and support the patients under his care. He is always very knowledgeable and is happy to refer to our service when specialist palliative care input is required. I know there have been several medically and emotionally challenging cases where he has been the named consultant and he has shown great compassion and leadership. His junior colleagues speak highly of him. I've also noticed that when staffing has been tight he hasn't minded getting involved with jobs that traditionally would be completed by junior members of the team. I often see Dr Ewad in the hospital covering the outliers in different medical wards, he is always friendly and says hello.

Teresa Greenslade, Assistant Technical Officer- Decontamination Facility 

Nominated by Robert Longstaff, Duty Manager

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Teresa for an NBT Hero Award. It is always great to get positive feedback from other staff regarding how they have been helped by Teresa, and I like to share some of the lovely emails I've received:

" I wanted to nominate Teresa for an NBT award. She has consistently been extremely helpful to Chris and me as new starters. She does so whilst also working very hard in the department washing and facilitating completion of the days. She has never been half-hearted or rude when we have asked her questions and always tried to help teach us how to undertake new and old routines/tasks thoroughly and accurately."

"Every time I've shared work time with Theresa, she has always been positive, she has always taken the time to help me learn and her attitude to our work is very inspiring. I think she should be recognised for the hard work she puts in day in and day out. She really goes above and beyond.

"Teresa shows us consistently how much she cares about the department and the pride she takes in the role is evident every day. When something is not right Teresa always lets us know but Teresa then always offers a solution. Great work Teresa and thank you!"

Anita Brigham, Palliative Care Consultant

Nominated by Maggie Presswood (Palliative Care Consultant)

Dr Anitia Brigham always goes the extra mile for the patient she cares for, but recently she orchestrated an amazing feat. She enabled an inpatient, unwell with challenging symptoms, to travel a 6 hour round trip (on day leave from the hospital) to take their child to a sporting fixture that meant a lot to the patient. Anitia worked tirelessly to enlist the support of a local ambulance crew who, together with clinical volunteers, enabled the patient and their child to travel with the medications that were needed to ensure that symptoms were well controlled. She addressed every detail to make the day a success. By all accounts, this was an experience that lifted the entire family and will stay in the young child's memory forever.

Biniam Afawarq, PST Team Leader

Nominated by Jeannette Baker (Senior Facilities Manager)

Bini is currently undertaking some development within the FM team and is stepping up as a team leader to learn and understand a management role. I have received a few emails in regards to Bini and how he helped out during times of urgency - supporting the ED team in major trauma calls from the helicopter and helping the clinical team during a cardiac arrest are two memorable compliments. The most recent compliment is by far what an NBT Hero means to me. From an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in ED who sent me this: I just wanted to forward some information about a situation that occurred yesterday that I feel should be highlighted. Bini was on a break on level 1 in the Brunel building when he heard someone shouting for help. An individual had arrived with injuries to the abdomen and chest and was lost on level 1 unable to find ED. The individual was bleeding and in shock. Bini quickly applied pressure to the wound and then found a wheelchair to bring him to ED. He informed ED that he was on his way with a radio so the team could prepare. On arrival in ED, Bini calmly handed over to the team and then stayed with the team to help by continuing to apply pressure. Without a doubt, Bini’s quick action and calm approach to this emergency saved a life!

Jane Chandler and the Bright Dialysis Team

Nominated by Tara IIes (Deputy Divisional Director of Nursing)

Comments regarding teamworking from the Bright dialysis unit:

Jane and her team dealt a difficult situation in a logical, professional and compassionate way. The staff all moved to work in different dialysis units across the region, changing their shifts to respond to their patient's dialysis needs, which often meant working out of hours. The dedication and commitment of staff shown to patients was found in abundance and was a real pleasure to observe. A huge thank you to Jane and all of the team, who continued to reassure patients and provide optimum care despite under such challenging circumstances - truly putting patients first!