Celebrating Green Impact 2020 winners

We’ve been celebrating the excellent work of NBT’s Green Impact teams through a virtual award ceremony, held on 25 November 2020, and a COVID-safe award collection event on 13 January 2021.

Though we had to adapt the way we usually celebrate our Green Impact teams due to COVID-19, their continued commitment to making sustainable changes during what has been a busy and difficult time is remarkable so we were determined to make sure we recognised this.

All our fantastic Green Impact teams worked incredibly hard during 2020 to improve sustainable practices in their workplaces and promote sustainable healthcare throughout the Trust.

The winners of the TLC, Bronze and Silver awards are:


ED Green Team

Maternity Research

North Bristol ‘Green Academy’

NGS Macmillan Wellbeing Centre

Bristol Speech and Language


Data Centre

Pearl Team Community Midwives

Ambleside Dialysis

Materials Management



Breath in, Blow out


Scan Monkeys

Nuclear Medicine



Clinical Coding


Gate 34A


The Mighty-Chondrias




Other brilliant teams who participated:

Theatres, Ultrasound imaging, JUC office, Sustainable SAU, Bristol Breast Care Centre, Dept of Nutrition and Dietetics, 28B, Mendip Ward, Clinical Research Centre, BCE, Library

Special Awards:

We also awarded special recognition for those who have gone above and beyond the Green Impact criteria.


The winners of the special awards are:


Based at the Frenchay site, the HITU team have been involved with green impact for several years but in 2020 they reinvigorated their great ambitions to make their department more sustainable and improve team wellbeing.

HITU organised mindfulness sessions, relaxing walks and very tasty vegan and vegetarian team lunches. They made amazing sustainable strides to cut out plastic waste and reduce energy consumption across the whole Head Injury Therapy Unit.

But not only did they focus on their own team but their patients too!  They used their wonderful eco-therapy garden to include the benefits of nature into their patient’s journeys to recovery. They are a great example to us all.

BEST NEWCOMER - Breath in, Blow out

The lovely Breath in, Blow out team from the Respiratory Physiology department has had a brilliant first year of green impact where they have embraced making small changes to make a big impact.

Breath in, Blow out reduced their waste by using reusable water bottles and coffee cups. The team focused on increasing their sustainable and active travel to work and have improved team fitness by using the outdoor green gym on site. Through their practice with vulnerable respiratory patients, they have explored social prescribing opportunities including ‘singing for lung health’ and support groups.

Breath in, Blow out have had an amazing first year and are incredibly worthy of being awarded our ‘Best Newcomer’. Congratulations!


We would like to give a huge thank you to our Green Impact teams for continuing to dedicate their efforts to sustainability and in turn, supporting healthier lives for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients. 

This year’s activities alone have saved an estimated £17,000 and 88,111kg CO2e through energy and water-related actions! Now more than ever, we must look after ourselves and those in the world around us as we continue to face both the climate emergency and COVID-19. Through the great changes made by our Green Impact teams, the Trust is closer to reaching the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.