First NBT Hero Awards of 2022

Collage of 10 people

Every year we recognise and celebrate individuals across our Trust who have been nominated by their colleagues for going the extra mile to make a real difference to others.

The first 2022 hero awards took place on Friday 4 February and were hosted by Maria Kane, Chief Executive and Jacqui Marshall, Chief People Officer who were both full of pride and thanks for our heroes. During the ceremony, they both reflected on how important it is to stop to take the time to recognise and celebrate the big and small things that our heroes do to make NBT a better and brighter place every day.

The OneNBT family truly came together for the virtual ceremony with many heroes sharing the moment with their team who couldn’t help but smile with joy as their colleagues nominations were read out and lots of lovely messages were left from one winner to another. One colleague said: “Well done to everyone here; you are an inspiration and I'm privileged to be here with you.”

Congratulations to all our winners - we’re extremely proud of you all!

Read the full nominations below!

Helen Harvey, Clinical Manager – Prosthetics

Nominated by Victoria Bushell, Prosthetic Occupational Therapist

It's strange to try and put into words what Helen means to the Prosthetic and Orthotic service and BCE as a whole.

Helen is the glue that holds our team together and forges forwards with new and innovative ideas for prosthetics and orthotics. She makes time for everyone, she’s keen to know you personally and professionally. You always feel listened to, even if it is just having a moan; but she always says the door is open for this. This is not just for staff but our clients too. She makes time for clients, explaining our processes, and will always champion them to get the best service and equipment possible. I have sat in on many appointments with Helen and she is so warm and friendly, she presents like she has all the time in the world for that person at that time. She is one of the team and respected as such as she spends a lot of time in the clinic with us.

I joined our team just as the pandemic took hold in March 2020 and she has been nothing but an encouraging beacon of light in what has been a discombobulating couple of years. She builds up and never tears you down. Has immense positivity that everything will work out but always acknowledges the here and now. She has kept the team up to date with covid policies (she effectively manages 3 different teams), she has campaigned with the health and safety team to try and get our service back up and running to full speed, which is tricky when we used a few rooms for multiple clients, so they could have peer support from each other pre-pandemic. But we are getting there slowly and safely thanks to Helen.

She has responded to our emergency situations in action and helped us all reflect. She has involved the well-being team to support us since some of our clients have become seriously unwell in our care and we don’t have the privilege of the crash team on site.

Thank you Helen for everything you do!

Molly Quick, Clerical Officer Apprentice

Nominated by Hannah Spawls, Volunteers Manager

Molly helps the Volunteer Services team with all things MLE, from setting up new volunteers with MLE logins to resetting existing volunteer MLE accounts and supporting us with resolving any hiccups and issues along the way. The pandemic has meant that many volunteers who were previously accustomed to face to face training days have had to adapt to online training. For some volunteers, the prospect of completing their mandatory training remotely can be daunting or challenging and this can sometimes prompt queries to Molly about various hiccups that they are experiencing while completing a module and how to overcome them. Molly always supports these queries with patience and professionalism, and will often follow up with me to check that the issue has been resolved and the volunteer was able to complete the module. In recent months, we have been in the process of gradually returning volunteers who had been stood down from their roles at the start of the pandemic, and I have been in very frequent contact with Molly, as the volunteers complete their refresher training in preparation for return, often sending her several requests for new logins, password resets or queries per day. She is always supportive and happy to help, and anything that she isn't able to sort for us herself, she forwards it on to the person who can. Molly is a great support for me in my role and for all the NBT volunteers and the Volunteer Services team, so I would like to nominate Molly as an NBT Hero for the consistent and prompt support she has given us. Thank you, Molly!

Karen Foxon, Trainee Nursing Associate

Nominated by Amelia Foxon, Trainee Clinical Coder

I would like to nominate my mum for an NBT Hero Award as she has worked incredibly hard over the past 5 years to complete her level 2 and 3 apprenticeships as a Healthcare Assistant, and she has now embarked on her journey to become a Trainee Nursing Associate. She was first faced with the challenge of retaking maths and English GCSE as her O Levels weren't accredited, and although she found it difficult, she passed both with flying colours. After she had moved on to become a senior healthcare assistant, she then set her sights on becoming a trainee nursing associate, which she is currently in the middle of, and has partnered with UWE to complete her studies. My mum has also done voluntary days in the community, only recently going to Hartcliffe food bank and witnessed first hand the great work they're doing to help benefit the community. When in the hospital environment, she goes the extra mile for all of her patients. This varies from engaging all of her patients in whatever they're interested in, whether that be colouring, puzzles, or having a sing along with them to the radio. She is her ward's well-being champion, and she took it upon herself to prepare yoga lessons during lockdown in an attempt to help everyone's mental health. She is also her ward's continence leader, meaning she joins conference and research meetings to better her own knowledge and pass it on to her colleagues to ensure their patient's needs are fully met. She works on such a demanding and difficult ward, where they are very understaffed and probably don't get as much recognition as they should. Recently she was awarded with a Medicine Advent Calendar award for her development, the different hats she wears on 9a, and her kind, caring and compassionate nature towards the patients. I am so proud of her and she inspired me to join the Trust after seeing the great work she does. That is why I would love to nominate my mum for an NBT Hero Award, as I feel that she fully deserves the award and recognition for all of the hard work she continues to put into the Trust.

Gareth Wrathall, Consultant

Nominated by Jane Godden, Receptionist

I witnessed Gareth going beyond the call of normal duty to show great sensitivity when dealing with bereaved relatives that had returned to our unit some days after their relative had died. He took his time with them to alleviate the stress over their loss and showed a great deal of care and understanding so that when the relatives left you could see visibly that a little weight had been lifted from their shoulders. He need not have taken that time out of his very busy schedule, however, this showed a great example of his leadership where he led by example and that nothing was beyond him, which impressed me greatly!

Shannon Robbins, Assistant Respiratory Physiologist

Nominated by Lata F Luchman, Clinic Coordinator

Shannon has been always been amazing and excellent in supporting the Respiratory Physiology bookings. She has outstanding communication skills and has ample knowledge of the different respiratory tests which she has shared with us (Clinic Coordinators) to help us with our role of booking patients for appointments. The result of this has been our respiratory physiology department's patients are all impressed and give glowing testimonies of how our department cares well for our lung centre patients. I have also seen Shannon taking the time and having great listening skills to support us in sorting out any issues which has led to a fantastic journey for each and every one of our patients. Shannon has helped us the Clinic Coordinators in our daily tasks and enriches our professional development in ensuring that our patients are booked into the different clinics in a timely fashion. There was a time also when I called one of Shannon's patients whom she had organised the Sleep Oximetry test, the patient was very impressed by her exceptional calm nature and efficient way of booking him. Shannon is undoubtedly an NBT hero, successfully managing and running the booking of our Respiratory Physiology patients.

Kim Bees, Integrated Discharge Service Case Manager

Nominated by Alice Popham, Frailty Nurse Practitioner

Kim has worked for the Trust for over 30 years in multiple positions. Kim has recently retired however returned to full-time hours during the pandemic. Kim is well known throughout the Trust and well-loved by EVERYONE. Kim goes above and beyond her role to provide exceptional holistic care and advice for patients. She is the most compassionate and caring person we all know. She always puts others before herself and is known as the mummy of the frailty team. No matter what task is in hand, she completes with a smile on her face and is amazing with patients and relatives at the most difficult of times. Kim supports both patients and colleagues to be the best they can be whilst being an amazing mum and granny outside of work. Despite the pandemic and multiple challenges, Kim has faced it all head-on and has been an incredible team player throughout. It is always noticed when Kim is not on shift. She is a hero to us and deserves the Trust's acknowledgement.

Katy Nash, Vascular Nurse

Nominated by Andy Weale, Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Katy is a member of the Vascular Hot Clinic Nursing team. Her clinical and communication skills are invaluable. She is passionate about gaining outcomes for patients that align with their beliefs/values and has helped deliver meaningful change in the service throughout the enormous challenges of the pandemic. The most important reason why she should be a hero is that she always goes "above and beyond" with her care for the patients. For example, ensuring the patients are given all the options and information in a way they can understand by the medical team. She always does so with good humour and dedication, even when things are challenging. She is a hero to the team and the patients, but she does not realise how extraordinary her contribution is!

Scott Curley, Configuration & Integration Lead, Lead EPR Developer

Nominated by Jeanette Hall, Clinical Transformation Specialist

I joined the EPR programme in August and since then have found Scott to be an invaluable resource on all things digital in NBT. He patiently listens to questions, answers them as many times as we need. He is constantly interrupted and is good-natured and patient with us.  He brings significant knowledge of the hospital and how other departments work, which you don’t usually get in IM&T roles and he doesn’t only think within the confines of his job role, he applies knowledge and skills from other areas of his life, and his previous work knowledge, which makes his performance at work really rounded. He is also really aware of how his own attitude affects others around him, which makes teamwork much calmer and effective. He fills me with confidence that the new EPR will work as well as the functionality allows. It has been amazing how many staff I've come into contact with in my short time in NBT who say ''you should ask Scott Curley'' or ''Oh Scott he sorted this out for me''!!! He truly is a hero and deserves recognition.

Faith Emery, Consultant

Nominated by Paul Mannix, Clinical Director

I'd like to nominate Faith for a Hero Award in recognition of the fantastic job she does as the neonatal speciality lead. She does a full-time job and is the speciality lead on top of this and has steered us as a unit through the Covid crises with great skill, diplomacy and support. She is always available to answer queries in relation to Covid. She continually supports the consultant team leading by example in her clinical work as well as in her managerial roles. She represents our views within the wider neonatal network. She works closely with our matron and senior nurses to ensure NICU functions as a true MDT. I really think she deserves a Hero Award. Thank you

Andrea Dowds, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist – Team Lead

Sophie House and Becca Bambridge – Physiotherapy Team

Andrea deserves an NBT hero award because of her dedication, commitment and passion for the Burns and Plastics service on 33a and for the leadership that she provides our small Physiotherapy team. Her motivation never wavers, and she is always around to support and listen to any problem, no matter how big or small; providing realistic and sensible solutions to said problems. Her work ethic is outstanding, and the care she delivers to her patients is second to none. She is a pleasure to work with, and we feel that all of her hard work over recent months during a tough time to work for the NHS deserves to be recognised. Thank you for all you do Andrea, we are lucky to have you as our team lead - you are brilliant!

Bev Davies, Matron

Nominated by Nicholas Seaton, Patient Safety Manager

Bev has been nothing short of amazing at every twist and turn. She has led by example throughout the pandemic, against the tide, but has always risen above them and supported her complex care wards and wider Southmead colleagues across the Trust at the drop of a hat. I don't know where I would be without Bev, she has been my guardian angel and supported me and my team unconditionally. Bev's passion lies with safe patient care and excellent patient experience. Bev always has time for you, even when the Trust has been under significant pressure. Bev has not only been an outstanding Matron during unprecedented times, she has led a huge programme of work in falls prevention, named Falls Academy, the first of a number of patient safety projects at NBT adopting principles from the new National Patient Safety Incident Response Framework - for which NBT are early adopters. Bev is the perfect example of an NBT hero, someone who is able to support the wider picture, the individual, as well as significant projects on top of her day job that will make the hospital a safer place for patients.

Cherie Ham, Medical Secretary

Nominated by James Taylor, Service Transfer Manager

In the last 2 years, Weston General Hospital has transferred Breast and Urology services to the management of NBT. In April 2020, with all the stuff going on in the wider world, Breast was transferred to NBT and therefore experienced a lot of change. Cherie dug deep and showed tremendous character, positivity and resilience to make the service work, despite lots of new complexity in her role and many things going on in the wider world. In December 2021, the Urology service transferred to NBT and had similar experiences with challenges to IT systems access, knowledge of Weston General Hospital systems etc. Cherie was so accommodating & helpful, always going out of her way to make sure colleagues knew how to do their work on the new systems, booking in patients at short notice if required, answering SOS's from department managers to help with short notice changes as a result of challenging operational position on-site etc. She is always so positive and helpful that without her both teams wouldn't have been able to provide the level of service to patients that they have throughout all of this change. She is a real NBT hero going quietly about her work, day in day out. She deserves the award as an NBT hero.

Donna Baber, Arts Programme Manager

Laura Tanner, Music Programme Manager

The period from March 2020 to the present day has been an exceptionally challenging one for the arts team at NBT. All of us have faced uncertainty, precarity, and multiple redeployments, whilst simultaneously struggling with concerns for ourselves, our families, and our front line clinical colleagues. Much of our usual activity has needed to be stood down, and we have done this in the knowledge that this would mean some of our artists could not earn a living. We have needed to be continuously responsive to the changing needs of the hospital environment, which has placed enormous strain on the entire team. Throughout these challenges, Donna has stood as a beacon of strength, pragmatism, support and tenacity. Working tirelessly to achieve whatever positive creative outcomes might be possible for patients, even within the tight restrictions of a global pandemic. Whilst some areas of activity have come to a full stop, Donna has not only successfully delivered a full programme of exceptional Arts on Referral activity for some extremely vulnerable individuals who would otherwise have been extremely isolated. She has also grown and developed this provision, providing training and professional development for artists, building strength and resilience in the workforce, working in partnership with other organisations within our local and national community, and increasing provision available for our patients. An absolutely amazing achievement under almost impossible circumstances. If you were to ask Donna about this, she would say, oh but it was just luck that what we did translated so well onto Zoom. I was just in the right place at the right time...This is not the whole picture at all. It is not luck for a person to manage their projects with pinpoint accuracy, stratospherically high expectations and enormous skill. It is Donna! And somehow, in amongst all this, in between achieving Arts Council Funding and a Grant from NHS Charities together. Donna also finds time to be an excellent supportive manager. She never asks for anything for herself, her first thought is always, what can I do for you? What do you need from me to succeed? I know that Donna already feels she has the best job in the Trust. But it is the best only because Donna makes it so. She is absolutely an NBT hero.

Jo Angell, Anaesthetic Practitioner

Nominated by Stephen Tolchard, Consultant

Dr Jo Angell is NBT's only Anaesthetic Practitioner and as such an extremely versatile and valuable employee. She has been pivotal in establishing the IV iron service and cardiopulmonary exercise testing service and the associated peri-operative research group at NBT. She is also a valuable and diligent contributor to the anaesthetic service. Her dedication and unwavering support for the Trust over many years has been absolute and I have on many occasions thought that she is more than deserving of one of the awards presented to outstanding members of staff for many years. Jo is quite selfless, she is the first to offer help or take on jobs and is genuinely one of the kindest NBT employees I have experienced. She manages this level of dedication despite being a single mum to two girls which she manages alongside her role at NBT.

Nicko Hawke, Junior Sister

Nominated by Mike Puckey, Clinical Matron

Like many places, Cotswold has undergone a period of uncertainty through the pandemic. This was made worse by not having a ward manager or matron for a number of months this year due to sickness. Nicko absolutely stood up, took the reins and demonstrated outstanding courage and leadership in the face of some very difficult circumstances. She role modelled the values of compassion and empathy. Likewise, Nicko is an outstanding nurse with a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience that she uses every single day to provide outstanding care for our patients, whilst also helping guide and nurture the team. She really is part of the glue that binds the team together.

Hazel Smith, Domestic

Nominated by Vicky Kimber, Medirooms

Hazel is undoubtedly an individual who goes above and beyond in her role as a domestic in Medirooms. Every day she comes in and does her work to a high standard with a positive attitude. Every day she shows the utmost kindness to the nursing staff, often bringing in treats, showing true kindness to her colleagues, for which we are so incredibly touched. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Hazel, and she is a true hero to all of us. All of us are in agreement that Hazel deserves recognition for her hard work and kindness. Thank you Hazel! You're a legend!

Kate Jarrod, Head of Learning and Organisational Development

Nominated by Sally Garbett, Practice Development Lead and Teacher

Kate joined the Trust just as Covid vaccinations became available. This immediately had huge consequences for her responsibilities and demands on her time. I am sure Kate had planned to immerse herself in the department and directorate and focus on her key objectives, but suddenly she was responsible for a whole new area with little protocol on how to manage a massive vaccination campaign. I am nominating Kate because, despite the increased demands on her time, she has made sure to introduce new departmental communication initiatives and has made a particular effort to work with individuals in the department to hear and involve them. There are many examples of this: Firstly, The BIG TEAM GET TOGETHERS (BTGT), during which Kate sets direction, asks for information, listens to replies and then puts in place actions and initiatives in response to emerging challenges and opportunities. Secondly, the emphasis on valuing staff and in particular, challenging and supporting people to develop through CPD. Thirdly, involving individuals, like Celia our functional skills lead, in developing ideas and rolling these out. Celia has a great and innovative way of looking at things and Kate has helped us all benefit from this. Fourthly, the key to me: a snapshot of us as individuals for all to access to enable improved working relationships and a greater empathy and understanding of each other. Fifthly, a positive and open attitude which welcomes "hello's" from staff at any level and a great sense of humour which we get glimpses of occasionally.  Kate makes us feel as if she is standing up for our department and encouraging us to do our best - I wonder if this is why quite a few staff members were nominated for the Exceptional Healthcare Hero awards this year and a staff member in the department won Happiness Hero. I believe our senior leaders need recognition at this particularly challenging time - Kate works long and hard and deserves to be recognised, especially as she has joined NBT during a time of unprecedented challenge and is navigating unchartered territory with us all, leading from within.

Krizzia Bernal, Administrator

Nominated by Gemma Quijote, Staff Nurse

Krizzia is our diligent administrator, she is one of a kind. Alongside her busy administrator role, she also steps in to help as a Receptionist and Housekeeper if no one is on duty. She is friendly, always goes the extra mile and has excellent interpersonal relationships in both wards on Elgar. She is so talented that she founded the EEU monthly express newsletter where events, feedback and other ward achievements are posted. Krizzia has been a support to our managers, she is reliable, dedicated and committed to our ward and her role.  Staff are confident when she is there as she can help out with anything. I believe everyone in Elgar will agree with me that she is our unsung hero. She is an asset to our ward and NBT as a whole. Everyone at Elgar is very proud of her and grateful for everything she does.

Anna Mankelow, Avon Breast Screening Programme Manager

Nominated by Erica Burgess, Deputy Symptomatic Lead, Breast Care Centre

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the Breast Screening Programme hard. Breast Screening was suspended for 3 months and then appointments were reduced to conform with social distancing/covid precautions. Anna's role as programme manager is to manage and maintain the screening plan, as well as manage the screening admin team. She has had to manage this backlog whilst also maintaining the original pre-Covid plan, and with adaptations to the screening plan, she has managed to reduce the backlog so it will be successfully completed a month ahead of schedule. She has remained calm and professional throughout the pandemic, helping others whilst wearing a smile. Staff within the department are able to turn to her if they have problems/anxieties, especially during the pandemic, knowing that she has 'confidential ears' and will always try to offer support and help, but you always leave feeling calmer and happier after a chat with Anna. Anna is an absolute credit to the Breast Screening Service and deserves recognition for her dedication and commitment to our department. She is a shining example of what a good programme manager, staff manager and colleague should be.

Jolanta Saunders, Staff Nurse

Nominated by Mike Puckey, Clinical Matron

Jolanta is an outstandingly kind and hard-working member of the team in Cotswold outpatients. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing an outstanding service. Her motive in every decision is to ensure the best possible care and experience for patients that encounter our service. I have only recently come into post, but I have been blown away by how hard-working Jolanta is and what an amazing can-do attitude she has to all aspects of working in NBT. Jolanta absolutely role models the Trust's values of putting our patients first and working well together.

Hui Jie Wan, Domestic

Nominated by Debra Penketh, Duty Manager

Throughout the pandemic, Hui Jie Wan has been totally committed to her role in ICU. She always goes beyond, offering before being asked to help the team and with everything she does, she just gets on with it, a real trooper. Hui is a true team player, always there to help her colleagues when needed - I have never seen her argue or refuse to do anything, even if it is not in her schedule or area. She is one in a million and I appreciate everything she does for us on Level 2.

Wendy Williams, Facilities Help Desk

Nominated by Simran Kaur, FM Central Administrator

Wendy Williams has helped me so much since I started just over 2 months ago and makes me feel welcome at work. She would never hesitate to help me or if I needed anything she is always there. Wendy makes the workplace a better, more comforting environment with her helping hand and never fails to make me smile. I would like to thank her for everything she has done for me and for always going the extra mile even when she is busy.

Kim Sleight, Administrator 

Nominated by Alex Pickerell and Chloe Cox 

Nomination by Alex Pickerell:
Kim is the Infection Control Teams unsung hero. Kim always has a smile on her face - a job is never too big or too small. Kim is constantly wanting to learn, grow and develop within her role. Her role involves many different aspects for example Kim collects the data the team requires, answers many phone calls, unlocks people’s passwords, sets up meetings and is even our fire warden. She is our linch pin and the Infection Control team would fall apart without her.

Nomination by Chloe Cox:
Kim is an integral part of the Tissue Viability and Infection Control team. She is always on hand to help with any issues and really is the backbone of both services. Her knowledge of the Trust and processes makes a huge difference in making changes and implementing projects. She is always happy to take on projects and will give it her all - she has worked tirelessly on the LINK page for Infection Control, ensuring that information is up to date and easy to access. Kim is a truly lovely person to work with - she always has a smile on her face and is sure to check everyone else is managing ok in their day to day work. I’d like to nominate Kim for her immense support every day that she provides to both teams. We would be lost without her.