First NBT Heroes of 2019 celebrated!

Photos of 2019's NBT Hero award winners with Andrea Young, Chief Exec

Today we celebrated our first NBT Heroes of 2019! 

It was wonderful way to start the New Year, with 23 staff members being chosen by the judging panel for their commitment to their role, for making others' lives easier, for their infectious positive outlooks. The afternoon tea, where winners get a chance to meet each other, have a chat and a sandwich, is by Southmead Hospital Charity. The winners are also presented with their certificates by Chief Executive Andrea Young, who informs them who they were nominated by and the heartwarming things their colleagues have said.

She began the ceremony by saying

"On behalf of the board of directors and myself, a huge thank you to you all."


Read the full nominations for all of January's winners below:

Paolina Katsarska - Domestic, Level 2 Task Team
Paolina works for the level 2 task team providing support for her colleagues with various domestic cleaning duties. In a very short period of time she has undertaken a raft of training to further her skills enabling her to assist with more duties in support of the team. On a regular basis I receive praise and thanks from those team members that Paolina has worked with. The theme of the feedback is that Paolina is ‘so hardworking and really makes a difference’.
For me personally it is a pleasure to work with Paolina as she is confident, proactive and understands the principle of continuous improvement. Trumping all of these qualities is her great sense of humour and spirit which shines through and brightens the day for those she works with.
Paolina deserves recognition for her excellent team work. I think Paolina has a bright future within the trust and I consider myself blessed to have such a bright and capable person working on the team.

Hayley Evans – Domestic, ICU
Hayley works within the ICU as the full time domestic for pod 'D'. The ICU is a very challenging work environment for a domestic and those tasked with the duty of cleaning the ward have to understand the critical importance their contribution makes to achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Audit targets for this area must exceed 98% every week and this is not an easy undertaking. Incredibly Hayley consistently exceeds the standard and the yearly average for her area of work is a staggering 98.85%. To provide context -on average over 360 elements are audited every week and if just 5 elements fail to meet the standard this can drop the score below 98%!

Hayley also supports the directorate in the development of new staff who shadow her to learn best practice. Hayley is a positive role model and the ideal person to impress upon new team members the values of striving for excellence and putting the patient first.

Hayley is most deserving of our thanks for her contribution to ensuring the delivery of exceptional patient care. Thank you so much Hayley, you are a star.

Kate Mann - Ward Manager, 8a
Kate is an exceptional ward manager. She consistently supports an ever-growing team, going out of her way to ensure that all staff feel valued and supported.
Due to some extenuating circumstances on the ward, Kate’s ability to support staff has been put to the test, but she has continued to provide the compassionate care that her team needs, with fantastic results.
Every member of the team feels that they are able to discuss any issues with Kate, a quality that is SO important in a ward manager. Kate you are wonderful!

Margaret Phillips & Angela Miles - Rheumatology Patient Representatives
Margaret and Angela have been members of the Rheumatology Patient Representatives’ Group since it was set up in 2005. They have helped develop many service improvements, from co-producing leaflets to meeting with different services accessed by rheumatology patients and suggesting improvements.
They have also sat on the hospital Nutrition group for many years, and helped bring that group’s attention to the difficulties faced by in-patients with arthritis and coeliac disease. Margaret worked with Suzanne Ford (Dietetic Team Leader in the Complex Medical, Neurology & Elective Surgery Team) to produce a video about patients with swallowing difficulties which is used to help train volunteers.
Both Margaret and Angela have also helped teach 3rd year medical students for many years, taking part in the mock end of unit exams. They are expert patients, and can explain to the students very clearly how the arthritis has affected their lives.

I would like to nominate both of them in recognition of all the great things they have done over the years to improve the care for rheumatology patients and in-patients.

Olivia Rabjohns - Cancer Nurse Specialist
I would like to nominate Olivia for many reasons. 

Olivia is currently on secondment from the emergency department to acute oncology.  Olivia came to the department not long after suffering a huge personal loss in her life, yet despite this she has given her new role 110%.

The team has been short staffed on many occasions yet Olivia has coped extremely well in a new speciality, often working alone and she has been such a vital link for patients faced with at times a devastating diagnosis. 

Olivia is a compassionate and knowledgeable nurse with undeniable dedication to her role and her patients.  She regularly goes the extra mile for patients and her colleagues with her “nothing is too much trouble” attitude. I feel Olivia should be recognised as a NBT Hero because that is exactly what she is.

Viorela Cilean – Domestic, ICU
Viorela is based in ICU and works very hard ensuring the highest cleaning standards are achieved. Most recently she has been cleaning the walls within the ICU back areas to remove scuff marks. This enhances the visual aesthetics and gives confidence to area users as to the cleanliness of the ward.
Viorela is a great team member who embraces the Trust values of striving for excellence and working well together. As her manager I am very proud of her.
I have received the following praise from the ICU clinical team regarding Viorela's work:
"Viorela is a valued member of our domestic team here on ICU. The standard of her work is exceptional. She leaves the staffroom and everywhere she has worked beautifully tidy and never complains about it, even when it is obvious that staff have not cleaned up after themselves. The standard of her cleaning has been noticed by receptionists, audit and nursing staff. All agree she is outstanding" - What an incredible asset to the Trust.

Stefan Payne - HCA, Emergency Department
Stefan is the definition of an NBT Hero. Stefan is an ED healthcare assistant who is currently on secondment undertaking a data validation role following the return to Lorenzo and increasing his knowledge and understanding of the service. Everyone in the department loves his infectious personality; he is amazing with patients and is constantly going above and beyond in either of his roles to support the department.

Stefan bring new suggestions as well as solutions to problems, no job is too big for him and he is well known for taking on a challenge.

Stefan is an NBT Hero not only because of the above but because from the end of November until January, he gives up his Friday and Saturday night to run the float group. This involves a Christmas float display of Christmas carols (including a Santa) being pulled along by a tractor. Stefan co-ordinates all of this and travels around Bristol raising money for Southmead Hospital Emergency Department. This is completely voluntary and Stefan puts a huge amount of work and effort, in his own time, into making this a success.

Penny Lucas - HCA, 8A
Penny in my eyes is an outstanding Healthcare Assistant. She is kind, approachable, hardworking and dedicated to her role. She always goes above and beyond for her patients', treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve, with upmost care and compassion. Penny also always has the time to listen to relatives and visitors to enable her to meet their needs as well as her patients'.

Penny always puts her patients' needs first, providing high quality healthcare on every shift she works. Her patients' always speak highly of her and always ask after her when she is not on shift. Patients' and relatives always speak of Penny with high regard.

Penny deserves to be recognised as an NBT Hero as she is a prime example of what I would aspire to be as a healthcare assistant.

Christine Lindop - Move Maker
Our volunteers are part of our invaluable family here at North Bristol NHS Trust. They are the first friendly face you see when you arrive at the main entrance, they are the reassurance you need when you’re lost and unsure, they are the comforting smile when you’re feeling apprehensive and they are the last people you see when you leave.
One such volunteer is Christine Lindop. Chris spends her time spreading calm and tranquillity across the hospital through her inspirational Southmead Hospital Lavender Project.
Chris had a vision. Her vision was to create and sell homemade lavender bags for Southmead Hospital Charity. Working with the Sustainable Development Unit, Fresh Arts, our Head Gardener and the Charity Team, she established the project, which has united staff, patients, visitors, volunteers, friends and family members behind a common goal, making it a truly social and rewarding experience for all those involved.
Chris’s passion and her infectious enthusiasm on our staff, patients and our local community has been sensational.

Claire Ansell - Booking Centre Manager, NBT eXtra
Claire is the back bone of NBT eXtra. She has a vast knowledge regarding all aspects of the department. She always steps in to support and help others, both senior and junior to herself.
Claire is incredibly flexible and will swap shifts and work hours at the drop of a hat to ensure the booking centre/job shop is covered, so as to support the Trust.
She takes pride in ensuring that we maintain high standards of staff within the bank for all job roles, in particular scrutinising nurses CVs from agencies, to maintain high standards of care.
Claire is always patient, approachable and understanding, and as the manager of the booking centre is always responsive to the needs of others, either the Trust or her colleagues.
NBT extra and the Trust could not function without her.

Vanessa Heath – Staff Nurse, 8B
I first met Ness (as she's affectionately known on the ward) back in January of 2018 when I joined the renal unit. I was not new to the trust but I was very green when it came to understanding what dialysis and the renal unit was all about. Then I started my band three training and Ness could not be any more supportive if she tried.

When Ness is in charge of the shift, the shift runs extremely smooth, the stress levels are non-existent or that's the feeling that descends across the ward. When it does start to get busy, she (Ness) is right there beside you checking that you’re ok, ensuring that you have the support that is needed. Ness is an extremely knowledgeable staff nurse and I was very surprised to find out that she is a band 5 as I thought she was a band 6!!

Vanessa's leadership skills are next to none and a lot of junior staff nurses can learn a lot from her (ness), she leads by example and strives for the very best of care for her patients.

I feel that Vanessa is an externally deserving candidate for this award as she is an asset to the ward, trust and the NHS. It is an honour to work alongside her and an even bigger honour to say that in the time I have worked on renal she's not only made me feel welcome and supported but she has become a good friend.

Vanessa Martin – Discharge Case Manager, Integrated Discharge Service
Vanessa has been tireless in supporting wards with the management of some extremely complex cases involving homeless patients. She has continued to communicate with all partners and has had some very challenging meetings with patients who are reluctant to move on. She deals with all issues with charm and composure and always with the focus of taking the right decision both for the person, but also for all the teams involved.

Raindeep Sohi – System Support Technician, Genetics
Now IT support may not immediately make you think “HERO!” However Raindeep is certainly considered by all in Genetics as our own personal superhero.
IT can be the bane of our working lives but it is fundamental to nearly everything we do. When things go wrong, no job is too big or small for Raindeep, he is always on hand to help with a big smile on his face. He also has the most positive outlook on life, which is extremely infectious and seems to rub off on everyone he works with!
He goes that extra mile nearly every day and in his own time further develops his knowledge and expertise - what a star!

Laura Lippiatt – Physiotherapy Technician
Physiotherapy NBT has  moved to a new supplier and ordering system for Walking aids to ensure patients are safe whilst mobilising and on discharge. Laura has taken a lead on ensuring ordering and receipt of the aids has been consistently happening. As with all new processes there have been hiccoughs along the way and new processes to embed. Laura has gone the extra mile with her approach to the ordering, contacting of suppliers and keeping teams and I well informed on difficulties.

Without her dedication this whole process could have been much more difficult and potentially led to poorer patient care with reduced walking aid supplies.

Louise Pate – Specialist Midwife
Lou Pate works with women who are pregnant and have substance misuse issues, and she also works with women in Eastwood park prison. Lou has an incredible relationship with very vulnerable women who struggle to access traditional maternity services. She offers bespoke care (which is hard at times) so that women feel heard and listened to. She is a great advocate and constantly champions the needs of this patient group and she is not afraid of raising her head above the parapet.
Lou is also a great support to staff and is always available.
Lou makes this job look easy but in fact it is very hard to connect with this group of women without compassion, expert interpersonal skills and a tough skin.
The feedback from women is always positive and even those with very little money will buy a card or present to express how grateful they are and how this is the first time they have managed to form a positive relationship with a health professional. The impact of this for the women cannot be underestimated as trust is often lacking from all their relationships.

Lou is a true inspiration and I am grateful daily for having the opportunity to work with her.

Kirsty Wright – Supervisory Ward Sister, NICU
Kirsty has been in the supervisory ward sister post for nearly a year and in that time she has shown great passion and dedication not only for the babies and the parents but for the staff as well.
She brings humour, comfort and support in times of great stress all in a caring manner. She has been pivotal in team building throughout the unit and has been actively involved in many charitable fund events over the past year from abseiling down the Brunel to dressing as a Kangaroo selling cakes in the Brunel.
Her commitment to the unit is to be admired and she brings a smile to the faces of the families and staff she deals with.
Since she has been in post my job has become easier due to her excellent IT knowledge and we now have a Neonatal dedicated SBAR tool which has helped us enormously to ensure safe staffing on the unit. I have watched her flourish in the role and am in no doubt she will continue to develop in the neonatal unit. She is an excellent role model for junior staff and her piece de resistance was the Christmas Extravaganza Christmas message for all NICU staff which brought a smile to all of us!

Debra Beacham - Housekeeper, NICU
I take great pleasure in nominating Debra for an NBT Hero award. She is a delight to work with and is always smiling, even when the workload is enormous!
She doesn’t see problems; she sees challenges and comes up with solutions! She is helpful, friendly and hardworking. She has been a great support to myself whilst setting up a remote Neonatal store room -  not only does she help look after it, she comes up with fresh ideas on how to improve the system thereby making it easier for all involved.
Her job at times is a thankless task but she underestimates her role in this important job and how much we appreciate all her hard work. She works well within in her team as well as being a great support to the nursing team. Above all I admire how she is always smiling and nothing is too much trouble.

Ben Ford - Interim Matron, Mental Health Liaison Team
I would like to nominate Ben Ford for his outstanding contribution to the Mental Health Liaison Service, for advocating for his team and some of the Trust’s most vulnerable patients and at the same time providing strategic and operational leadership.
Ben has acted into the Mental Health Liaison Team’s Matron post at a difficult time for the team with lots of changes but has quickly stabilised and developed the team and his positive influence on them is clear for all to see. 
Ben has such a calm kind manner, but is also able to communicate in a clear concise, effective and professional way.
Ben has integrated into the medicine matron team really well and in doing so is influencing and supporting how we manage patients with complex mental health needs.
It is always a pleasure to work with Ben and his vision to stabilise and improve the service ... and to hear him chuckle away as he works!

Candan Munduz - Band 6 Registered Nurse
I have known Candan for a year. Since I have started she has made a huge impression of being so dedicated to patients, often staying late after shift ends. Always nice, polite, full of patience and content in tough situations. Humble in the same time. She has a real nurse soul, is an absolute role model and great representative of our Trust, the pride of the respiratory ward.
I hope all her values can be appreciated, she deserves it so much.

Clare Morton – Learning & Development Administrator
Like many staff, Clare is committed to delivering her service to very high standards. I’m nominating her as a hero because of the “extra” that she donates to the trust every single week to make sure that the Induction programme is ready, to make sure that all the new starters have their own individual programmes, and to make sure that their arrival at NBT is as positive as possible.
She can always be seen at work at 5am on an induction day making the final adjustments and responding to emails from the new starters that have arrived over the weekend. She is always the first in and the last to leave after answering each and every questions and making sure that all the new starters have been given the information they need.
I’m nominating her because for me and all the new starts she is a hero, making everyone’s life better, easier and a more positive experience.

Chris Potter – Advanced Vascular Access Practitioner
Chris has set the Vascular Access Service and and built the team up from scratch, and his team has become invaluable to the wards and dietetic department in placing PICC lines. For dietetics this means our patients often get their line for intravenous nutrition within an hour of referral rather than waiting days (which is what used to occur)
Chris prioritises patients who need their lines for nutrition. For patients that have already had no or minimal nutrition for more than a week, this clinical input is significant and contributes to a reduced length of stay and improved recovery times for these patients.
I can’t imagine doing my job so efficiently without Chris and his team’s input. Thank you so much Chris and team!

Ella Chaudhuri - Consultant Specialty Lead, AMU
Ella goes the extra mile every day, both for her patients and her colleagues.
She will hate being nominated for this – ha ha - but she is kind, brilliant, modest, calm and committed to creating a caring and compassionate culture. She brings hope to the team, she brings the best out of people and demonstrates what can be possible. She is an inspiration to all those working on AMU and has a real “can do” attitude, which is much needed within the department. A real Hero!




Congratulations to all!