Improved outpatient and midwifery facilities for Thornbury residents

On 23 December North Bristol NHS Trust will complete the relocation of services from the existing hospital to a former shop in the main shopping area on St Mary Street.

The new premises from which outpatient and midwifery appointments will be delivered










New premises for outpatient and midwifery appointments in Thornbury

This is because Thornbury Hospital is no longer suitable for modern healthcare.

Simon Wood, Director of Estates Facilities and Capital Planning at North Bristol Trust said:

“We are very pleased to be able to offer local people their outpatient services from much better premises in a convenient location with good access.”

The more modern and secure facilities are within walking distance of eight bus routes and there is free car parking at Castle Court, Rock Street and St Mary Street. They include four clinical rooms and a reception area which will be manned between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

The premises are accessible, including by wheelchair, via the main entrance on St Mary Street. The buzzer will be answered by reception staff.

The Thornbury Hospital League of Friends has donated several pieces of equipment to the new premises.

Shirley Holloway, Chair of the Thornbury and District League of Friends said:

“Thornbury and District League of Friends send their best wishes to all staff involved in the move to new premises in St Mary’s Centre. We hope the move itself goes smoothly and that you soon feel ‘at home’.

It gives us great pleasure to provide a jaundice monitor and educational TV screen together with a coffee machine for the staff. We are sure they will be of use to you.”

The relocation comes after North Bristol NHS Trust announced earlier this year that the existing Thornbury hospital site was not fit for purpose. The 1920s building is in poor condition and expensive to maintain. With only 15% of the premises occupied, staff had also reported an increase in vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Thornbury outpatients currently










Current Thornbury hospital premises

While the future of the site remains under discussion, it will be kept secure until a decision has been reached.

Dave Jarrett, South Gloucestershire Area Director for NHS Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCG, said:

“We’re grateful to North Bristol NHS Trust staff, and to the league of friends, for their hard work in continuing to provide services in Thornbury Hospital in recent years, despite the poor condition of the hospital buildings.

“We’re delighted that these valued local services have a new, accessible and secure home in Thornbury Town Centre.”

Patients will still be able to contact the new facility on 01454 415 750.

More information about the relocation can be requested from Policy&