Nature Recovery Ranger joins North Bristol NHS Trust

Phoebe, our Nature Recovery Ranger, in the allotment at Southmead Hospital

Meet Phoebe, our new Nature Recovery Ranger based at Southmead Hospital.

She is one of only three in the country, employed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, who run the NHS Forest programme of which Southmead Hospital is a registered site.

Phoebe’s role is to improve biodiversity on the hospital site and she is working with other local organisations to recruit volunteers to support her work and is looking forward to working with the local community.

She is talking to UWE Bristol about involving students with ecological and reptile surveys in order to establish what nature is already at Southmead Hospital and what we can all do to encourage more.

Phoebe also looks after the staff allotment, which was completed last year. Peppers, lettuce, beetroot, strawberries, squash and chives are among the fruit, vegetables and herbs currently growing and staff are encouraged to join in.

She said: “We want to get more communication with the local community and encourage more people to come onto the site and understand it is open for everyone. We want people in the hospital and outside, as restrictions ease, to come and volunteer and experience nature and learn about nature and the benefits for health.”

The allotment has benefited from donations from a host of local businesses and organisations and Southmead Hospital Charity. Among the donations received are pots, plants and compost.