New stroke services opening at Southmead Hospital

New services are launching at Southmead Hospital as part of the reconfiguration of stroke treatment across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG).

As part of the changes that will be fully live from Wednesday, 17 May, the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) for the area will open at Southmead Hospital for the initial emergency treatment of patients who have a stroke.

The HASU will provide a 24/7 service bringing specialised services to one location.

Alongside the HASU, an Acute Stroke Unit (ASU), is opening at Southmead Hospital, staffed by clinicians with expertise in stroke, to provide ongoing care for patients.

The changes to stroke services have been designed to help more people in the area survive a stroke and to also improve the quality of life for stroke survivors.

As well as the services at Southmead Hospital, there are Stroke Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Units (SSARUs) at Weston General and South Bristol Community Hospital, to support patients who have recovered from their stroke but need further rehabilitation before going home.

Stroke survivors can also access enhanced community rehabilitation through the Integrated Community Stroke Service.

The transformation of stroke services has been established following a 2021 review. You can read more about the review and the changes to stroke services on the Healthier Together website.