Statement: Dr Gamal Osman

Dr Gamal Osman

Dr Gamal Osman, Consultant in Acute Medicine, sadly passed away in the early hours of 28th January following a prolonged intensive care unit admission with COVID-19.

He was a long-term locum Consultant at North Bristol NHS Trust for the last two years and could always be relied upon to offer a helping hand, was always smiling and kind to everyone around him. Gamal was generous, calm and an extremely popular member of the Acute Medical Team.

The team on the Acute Medical Unit said:

“We are all aware that COVID poses a higher risk to BAME and older patients. In his early sixties, Gamal was well aware of this risk, particularly as he lost his brother to COVID in September 2020. Despite this tragedy, many conversations with friends, colleagues and relatives trying to persuade him to minimise his risk and despite his awareness of the risk involved, he was committed to continuing to care for acutely unwell patients with COVID. Tragically he contracted COVID-19 three weeks prior to the introduction of the COVID vaccine to frontline staff.  His passing is devastating to all of his colleagues”.

Evelyn Barker, Chief Executive at North Bristol NHS Trust, added:

“I would like to personally express my condolences to Gamal’s family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time. The emotional impact of the events of this past year has been huge on all our NHS staff, and the loss of one of our NBT family at this time is very upsetting for us all. The commitment Gamal showed to providing exceptional care to our patients, particularly over the last very challenging year is highly honourable. His courage in the face of the pandemic has saved lives, and he will always be remembered.”