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Listening to our LGBTQIA+ patients and visitors

The voices of our patients, parents, carers and visitors matter to us. We want to learn from your feedback and strive to ensure NBT is an inclusive place for all.

We have asked some patients, as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, what would improve their experience at NBT. Have a read through to see if there are things you can do to improve inclusion.

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"It’s the small and simple things that can have the biggest impact on my confidence in accessing healthcare without fear of judgement and discrimination. Whether that is wearing a progress pride pin badge, a rainbow lanyard or the clinician introducing themselves including their pronouns. If I am to fully engage in my health, attend my regular clinic appointments and adhere to taking my medication I need to feel seen and valid when I attend those appointments. This will allow me to have full conversations with my clinicians so they can provide the best care for me.” 

Aled Osborne (He/Him), Community Engagement Manager for Brigstowe

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“It seems inconsequential, but asking, 'So, is this your partner?' instead of 'So, is this your boyfriend?' has been enough that I can fully engage in an appointment. A clinician at Southmead asked me whether I had a partner recently. I instantly felt like safer and could talk more honestly, and I know it doesn't make much sense to some people, but it's just a tiny thing that has a massive impact on my ability to be comfortable in an environment that can often be quite scary.”

Anonymous Patient

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“It's really encouraging when a clinician doesn't make assumptions about me based on gender or being straight. This goes beyond avoiding an awkward situation, and it shows me that they're ready to see me as a person rather than a set of assumptions, which is how I want to feel in a healthcare context.”

Anonymous Patient


As a patient or carer you can also feedback to us in many ways. You can send a Thank You, make a suggestion or raise a concern. If you want to get more involved and regularly input into making NBT a better place you could join us as a Patient and Carer Partner. Our Patient and Carer Partners are a group of volunteers who work closely with the Trust as critical friends. Our Partners use their experience as patients or carers to represent the views of patients, their families, carers, the public and our local communities. They help us ensure the patient’s best interests are at the centre of all our work.