Congratulations to August's NBT Hero Award winners

Friday, 21 August 2020

Today we celebrated the latest group of NBT Heroes.  The winners joined Andrea Young, Chief Executive, and Andy Jeanes, Director of Operational Estates & Facilities, in the Pavilion for a safe and socially distanced afternoon.


Nominations are put forward for the awards by staff, and are a great way for staff to show their appreciation for a colleague who has gone the extra mile. It's not always the big flashy projects or life-saving surgery which gets makes the difference; these awards often pick up on the small acts of kindness and compassion which make NBT a special place to work and receive care.

Once again, the theme of these awards was the amazing ways in which staff have supported their teams, divisions and indeed the trust as whole during the COVID pandemic. A particularly heartwarming element this time round was seeing several staff who had nominated their colleagues, also attending to be recognised as winners.

The awards and ceremony are sponsored by Southmead Hospital Charity, with lunch bags from The Occasional Kitchen taking the place of the traditional afternoon tea this time around in order to support safe social distancing at all times, even in the group photo!

Socially distanced group photos with winners and Andrea

Read the full nominations for August's winners below:

Amanda Derham (PA, NMSK)

nominated by Sarah Lidgett (Deputy Head of Nursing, NMSK)

During the COVID pandemic Amanda has been a huge support to her colleagues, going above and beyond to support their wellbeing.

In addition she has been the sole person within the division ensuring that all staff receive the generous gifts given by the charities. Amanda has spent many an hour dividing up the gifts, ensuring that they are equally shared amongst the teams and most importantly, always doing it with a big smile!

Amanda is a wonderful colleague, she always brightens your day with her amazing sense of humour, compassion for the team and support that she provides to us all.

Ankur Srivastava (Consultant, Hepatology)

nominated by Kate Mann (Ward Sister) and the team on Gate 8A)

Ankur is fairly new to the Gastro team yet has had a real impact in the short time he has been with us. His work towards getting Hepatology Services at NBT to IQILS standard is ongoing and his dedication to standardising and improving liver services within NBT (which will ultimately improve patient care) is a credit to his hard work and commitment.

He has been paramount in the successful running of Hepatology study days for nurses and is always willing to help and support on the day, providing teaching for those that attend. He is patient and friendly and provides an air of calm when he is consultant of the week on the wards.

He will always make time for relatives and patients in answering questions and we receive wonderful feedback from those he looks after about his approachable and caring nature.

He is part of a great team who all deserve recognition for their hard work and support, however we feel that Ankur needs a special mention for his endeavour to support the nursing staff through teaching and for the extra effort he makes to improve NBT liver services. Thank you Ankur – you are a star!

Carolyn Barker (Patient Experience and Involvement Lead Nurse)

nominated by Sarah Lidgett (Deputy Head of Nursing, NMSK)

Carolyn is a pleasure to work with. She has very high standards and is a true professional.

Recently, Carolyn has also devoted herself to supporting the wellbeing of those working alongside her, as a result of the toll taken by the pandemic. She has also become a champion for the Family Liaison team.

She has gone above and beyond over the last few months and the support she has provided to everyone is extremely appreciated.

Carolyn is an asset to any team and a colleague who genuinely cares for all patients and staff.

Claire Critchard (Operational Support Manager, Outpatients)

nominated by Sharon Maggs (Admin Officer, CCS)

We have all been working through challenging times for the last few months.  It doesn't matter what your role is or which area you work in, we put our own health at risk so that we can continue to support our teams and the patients at the trust. 

All of my colleagues have been so supportive to me and each other but Claire has worked alongside me on a daily basis and brightened each and every one of those days with her cheerful manner and wicked sense of humour.

Thank you to the team and a special thank you to Claire for being a friend as well as a colleague.

David Manaei (Fracture Liaison Administrator, Trauma and Orthopaedics)

nominated by Amanda Derham (PA, NMSK)

During the first 3+ months from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, David created and maintained the daily issue of an uplifting and light hearted newsletter for the NMSK Division to enjoy, called the Uncertain Times! He diligently emailed this out every evening before he left for the night, to an ever expanding audience both within the Division and beyond as word spread.

It featured useful financial tips as well as humorous memes – which initially he researched himself but quite quickly drew in a competitive element of encouraging colleagues to submit their favourites for his editing. 

There was a weekly prize of a valuable (and at the beginning of lockdown extremely hard to come by) toilet roll, awarded to the contributor of the best meme.  We were all in envy and admiration of his continued resourcefulness!

The Uncertain Times rapidly became a highlight of the day and the Division was never disappointed upon receiving it.  It became a talking point within the offices which not only boosted staff morale but improved communications between teams and provided a much needed lift. On the rare days David was not at work, rather than make us go without he ensured a trusted guest editor was available in his stead.

As Service Restoration began and times became more certain, after 50 editions production of the Uncertain Times stopped.  Whilst disappointing for many, it increased our appreciation and respect for David; using his humour made a difference, lifting our spirits during what really were 'Uncertain Times'.

Deborah Babb (Senior HCA, Breast Care Centre)

nominated by Shani Manoj (Sister, Breast Care Centre)

I nominate Debbie for her overall contribution to the team and her helpful attitude towards colleagues.

She is always happy helping and supporting the team with all manner of queries and questions. She is a real star team player and always brightens up the day with her cheerful smile.

Debbie has worked for the NHS for 33 years and will be retiring soon. She is an ambassador and a role model for our expectations of values and behaviour at the trust. Happy staff make happy patients. Thank you Debbie for all your great work.

Emily Ayling (Head of Advice and Complaints)

nominated by Roxanne Ross (PALS and Complaints Officer)

Emily has only been with us since January but the positive changes she is bringing to the team are impressive. She always comes to work with a smile on her face and a real willingness to do whatever it takes to support her team with the most challenging of circumstances.

She is making changes to the way we operate, to ensure that the work we do leads to a better patient experience for both staff working in the Advice and Complaints team and the patients that we speak to. Emily is an absolute joy to work for and I am glad she has joined us.

Susan Needs (Manager, Advice and Complaints)

nominated by Roxanne Ross (PALS and Complaints Officer)

Sue is one of the most supportive managers I have ever had.

We have had some really challenging times as a team over the last 6 months but Sue always helps us face these head on in a professional manner, even if they affect her as well. Her work ethic and ability to keep up team morale is second to none, and she always knows what she needs to do to keep the department running. She is a true NBT Hero.

Erin Kelly (Receptionist, Emergency Zone) 

nominated by Natalie Smith (Senior Support Manager, Emergency Zone)

Erin is a hard-working, dedicated member of the Emergency Zone Receptionist team, who recently showed exceptional initiative in recognising and reporting a vulnerable patient in the Emergency Department.

Erin felt immediately uneasy about the patient’s situation as the patient arrived in the waiting room, and as time went by Erin felt increasingly concerned and persistently shared her concerns with her colleagues. This resulted in the issue being raised with a senior member of the nursing team. The police were called, and, thanks to Erin’s initiative and quick thinking, the patient was successfully safeguarded.

Erin’s instincts are a true credit to her, and she went above and beyond her duty to ensure the safety of the patient. Well done Erin!

Gregory Beavis (Patient Experience Administrator)

nominated by Carolyn Barker (Patient Experience and Involvement Lead Nurse)

Although Greg always goes above and beyond in his duties, during the COVID-19 pandemic he has really shone, going the extra mile in his role. Greg has been incredibly helpful to everyone in the division (and trust-wide), ensuring patients and staff are supported and informed.

He regularly uses his initiative to progress his role whilst ensuring patients and their families best interests are at the heart of his responses. He has a generous spirit and we are grateful to have him on the team!

Jennifer Mayapis (Staff Nurse, 32B)

nominated by Cheryl Dyson (Ward Receptionist,32B)

I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny for nearly 12 months.

Jenny deserves this award as she is so dedicated to her job. When she’s working, she gives 100% to everything she does, and is amazing with all the patients and makes them all feel very valued.

Her work ethic is second to none, and nothing is too much trouble, with all duties carried out to the highest standard. Not only is she an amazing staff nurse but she is also a lovely person, and gets on well with everyone on the ward. She has showed me some of her amazing Filipino food that she brings into work.

Jenny was unfortunately off with COVID-19 for a number of weeks earlier in the year, but she fought off the virus and came back to work. A little scared initially, she got back into the swing of looking after COVID-19 patients. She was totally empathetic to how they were feeling and made sure they felt safe and reassured. She is an outstanding nurse and totally deserves one of these awards.

Karuniyan Vipulendran (ST5, Trauma and Orthopaedics)

nominated by Selina Graham (Doctor, Trauma and Orthopaedics)

Karuniyan has worked tirelessly re-writing our registrar rotas every time things have changed as a result of COVID-19. He always does a great job, making sure that everything is divided out equally. He liaises with seniors in the department and the managers to keep abreast of the changes and to optimise the work schedule for us. He has also arranged Zoom meetings to facilitate discussions between trainees to come up with a general consensus about the best way forwards.

I think this shows great initiative and goes beyond his ordinary role to make life easier for others.

Keegan Streeter (Senior Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine)

nominated by Victoria Tozer (Radiographer)

I would like to nominate a Keegan Streeter for a NBT hero award. Keegan always takes it upon himself to support other staff members in the department, and is the first person that many turn to when they want their spirits during challenging or busy times.

He supports the trainees and students very well, finding out their goals and helping them work towards their objectives. Keegan is also very understanding and supportive to all members of the team.

He is a massive asset to our team, and I would really like to see him recognised with this award.

Megan Crook (Mental Health Practitioner, Mental Health Liaison Team)

nominated by Ben Ford (Matron, Mental Health Liaison Team)

Meg has continuously gone above and beyond in her role within the MH Liaison Team.

Meg is a constant fountain of support to all her colleagues within the inpatient part of our team, as well as recently supporting those working within the emergency zone.

Meg joined us as the first dual trained member of the team and her desire to develop both MH skills and physical health knowledge is insatiable, and the energy she brings to this role is infectious.

This is only topped by her commitment to her colleagues. Meg always looks out for the rest of the team and every day goes that extra mile to ensure we deliver the best possible service to all our patients. The whole team appreciates her passion for championing mental health services within the Trust and her drive to support us all within our own roles.

I am really proud of Meg, her development and her application of enthusiasm and new skills have made a positive change and ensured that the best quality of care is at the forefront of our service, division and NBT as a whole.

Meg probably doesn’t even realise she has had such an impact, but she really has and we all want to thank her for her what she brings to the team.

Philippa Jackson (Consultant, Plastic Surgery)

nominated by Donna Walsh (Plastic Surgery Coordinator)

During the COVID pandemic Philippa has taken on the role of organising the relocation of services at Gate 24 to allow for safe working and working in line with the evolving trust policies at the time. She did this with great compassion and understanding of the changes in practice that we would all have to face.

Philippa was outstanding in the way she communicated with all areas and on a practical level would always go out of her way to make sure we were happy and everything was working well.

She was and continues to be always available if we have any issues. Now that we are slowly getting back to a more normal way of working, this presents new challenges with changes to the way we work and clinics run. Philippa is still happy to listen and try to help in any way she can. She is proving to be a real asset to our department and deserves the recognition for this.

Rebecca Colbourne (Tissue Viability Nurse, CALS) and Hannah Britton (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, CALS)

nominated by Louise Green (Occupational Therapist)

I want to nominate Bex and Hannah after I saw them working together with a complex patient, where they really went above and beyond to provide great care. They spent time helping a very fragile patient with an incredibly complex wound, staying with her throughout, giving her reassurance and showing real empathy. 

In addition to this, they both demonstrated excellent problem solving within a challenging social and physical environment, refusing to give up despite multiple barriers. They both stayed late in order to ensure a smooth handover to the complex care ward and followed up with offer to help if needed. This allowed a smooth and speedy discharge for an end of life patient whose wish was to be at home. Thank you for your help!

Rosalind Beckett (F1, 8A) - recently rotated and became an F2 at RUH Bath

nominated by Megan Cownie (Ward Sister, 8A)

Ros was an F1 doctor working on ward 8A. She is an outstanding doctor who always puts her patients at the forefront of everything she does. She is a real team player and will make the effort to help you no matter how busy she is. She always delivers amazing, personalised care and is an asset to North Bristol Trust.

She has stayed on 8a during the COVID-19 pandemic and started taking on longer shifts. The dedication she shows towards her patients, even if they are not her own, is amazing and she consistently offers to help. She is absolutely fantastic.

After hours, she is the most supportive on call doctor we have ever had on the ward. She is so hands on and nothing is too much for her. She is always laughing and happy and a pleasure to work with. We will miss her when she rotates.

Sophie Stedman (Nursery Nurse, NICU)

nominated by Tina Lancastle (Maternity Support Worker, Percy Phillips)

Sophie is a member of the Transitional Care team. The Transitional Care team look after babies that come under a certain criteria and every member of the team performs in an outstanding way. During the COVID response, the Transitional Care team have moved wards and work with new staff which can be a challenge.

I have worked with Sophie for the last five years and I have been thoroughly impressed by the standard care she gives to her patients. If Sophie feels a baby isn't quite doing as well as they should be, she will contact the doctor and persist until she feels happy with the review.

On one occasion, I had pulled the emergency alarm and Sophie entered the bay where I handed her the blue looking baby. She took the baby, and without me needing to say a word, went straight to the resus room and calmly went through the resus procedure. I have even witnessed the consultants back her up and follow her gut feelings and concerns.

The care Sophie gives to her patients is exceptional, and her knowledge is amazing.

Vanessa Reeves (Therapy Support Worker, 26A)

nominated by Louise Hichens (Physiotherapy Team Lead)

Vanessa has shown great resilience over the last few months, while her job role has changed multiple times due to COVID-19. She normally covers just one ward but has been spread across 5 different wards providing therapy support to patients and staff.

Despite the fact she has had a challenging year she is always cheerful and never complains, and just having her around has had a positive impact both on her team and the patients she treats.

Thank you Vanessa for your constant support!


Sherralyne Britton (Catering Operative, L&R Cafe)

nominated by Gemma Munkenbeck (Research Administrator) and Leigh Morrison (Research Nurse)


Sher has worked in the L&R cafe all through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing the small amount of staff who have remained in the building with coffee, food and conversation. She has run the cafe, often single handedly, often under difficult circumstances. She has only recently been given hand sanitiser for the counter! She has not been provided with the same equipment as you see over in the VU but hasn't complained, or stopped working despite this. She is constantly happy and smiling with her customers, knows people and their likes which is a wonderful asset in her role and the cafe isn't the same without her. I think she deserves to be recognised for her hard work in unconventional times.


As NHS staff based in the Musculoskeletal Research Unit, Level 1, of the Learning and Research Building, my colleagues and I have been very grateful to have retained the use of the coffee shop. Whilst appreciating the work of all the coffee shop staff, I feel that Sher, who appears to be a permanent coffee shop staff member, deserves a particular mention as she is always very cheerful, polite and efficient in her role. The coffee shop is always clean and tidy. I would appreciate Sher being acknowledged for the vital role she plays in keeping the Musculoskeletal Research staff fed and watered!


William Hepburn and Ben Payne/Bill and Ben the Red Cross men (Support Workers, British Red Cross)

nominated by Trudi Hawkins Case Manager, IDS

Ben Payne and William have become very much part of the service we are offering to assist patient discharge from hospital. Ben and William (affectionately known as Bill and Ben) are based on level 6 of Brunel building with the Integrated Discharge team.

They offer a fantastic service to patients who have no-one else to assist them, including taking the patient home from hospital, settling the patient into the home environment and doing shopping to support the patient at home. For other patients they are able to offer a simple shopping service, and even befriend patients when they don’t have other friends or family to turn to. They are our unsung heroes and have become part of our team.

They are good natured and approachable, and nothing seems to be too much trouble for them.


Amanda Fuller (Kidney Stones Specialist Nurse)

nominated by Aimee Wray (Cancer Support Worker, Urology)

I've known Amanda for a couple of years now and in that time she has always gone the extra mile for her patients and staff.

Patient care is her top priority and she goes above and beyond to help, even those who are not directly under her care.

She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help other staff with queries, which leads to good outcomes for both staff and patients.


Amanda has been very supportive as a colleague and helped me greatly when I first started in Urology, and this has continued even after I moved roles. Thank you.


Chris Paull (Porter, Retained Estate)

nominated by Paul Davies (Equipment Supervising Officer)

On the few occasions I have come across Chris in the Retained Estate he always gone out of his way to be very helpful and try and improve the efficiency of the Trust.

However, on 3 March 2020 I witnessed him go beyond being just helpful as he jumped from his Trust vehicle to assist an elderly lady across the road. He stopped the traffic and helped her with the wheelchair and all with a smile on his face.

He really is a real life Superman and an asset to North Bristol NHS Trust. A true NBT Hero.