NICU celebrate International Kangaroo Care day

Thursday, 16 May 2019

‘Kangaroo Care day’ or ‘Skin to Skin’ has been an important element of neonatal care for many years due to its known benefits for both parent and baby.

It not only fosters close and loving relationships between parent and baby, but also has immediate positive effects on baby’s physiological stability (lowering stress and cortisol) and improved neurological development in the long term.

Mothers experience a decrease in stress levels and an increase in hormones associated with lactation and breastfeeding.

Our great team in NICU and the parents all came together to raise awareness through a ‘Kangaroo cuddles’ session in the sensory room.

Mike Payne from Longwell Green, father to Dylan, said, “Most people think that babies in NICU are always premature – Dylan was nine days overdue. Due to birth complications we have been in NICU for two days. Skin to skin has really helped us with our first son and Dylan, because they can feel your heartbeat which helps their development.”

Ezhil Sundaram Anbarasi from Patchway, mother to Akhil, said, “Akhil was born at 35-weeks. As he is our first child, skin to skin has helped us to bond. We named him ‘Akhil’, which means world, because he is our world.”

The ‘Kangaroo cuddles’ session was accompanied by beautiful piano music played by Travis Glover; an ex-patient of Southmead Hospitals NICU. He met with neonatal nurses, Lisa Ramsey and Jeanne McLuskie, who took care of him when he was born.

Travis Glover, said, “I was born here at 26.5 weeks. I often volunteer at the hospital by playing the piano.”

A cake sale took place in the Atrium of the Brunel building, in which staff and parents generously donated their time and baked a variety of cakes and treats. The cake sale raised a sum of £422.98, which will go towards the NICU funds.