Staff celebrated at Director of Nursing Awards

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Staff at North Bristol Trust (NBT) have been honoured at an awards ceremony which took place as part of the International Nurses’ Day and Internal Day of the Midwife celebrations at a Proud to Care Conference at Southmead Hospital.

More than 65 nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants (HCAs) and assistant practitioners were nominated by their colleagues for the director of nursing awards, which were held on Wednesday 8 May, ahead of the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

The awards ceremony saw more than 80 people come together to support and congratulate their colleagues and friends.

In total there were six awards given out by NBT’s director of nursing and quality, Helen Blanchard, who said she was; ”delighted and proud ‘of being part of North Bristol Trust and thanked everyone for all the amazing work they carry out every day”.

Here is the list of winners:

Educator of the year: Becky Fowler

Becky Fowler, a practice development nurse in the Elgar enablement units, was nominated for devoting the last 20 years of her life to caring for her patients and staff and for following NBT’s values and training.

Becky said: “I am absolutely delighted to have nominated for this award. Training and support is key to person centred care and for the development and progression of staff. I feel really honoured to have won.”

Inspirational Leader: Emma Parslow

Emma, a ward manager on Gate 9B , won the Inspirational Leader award for leading and developing the nursing team on ward 9B in an outstanding way over the last couple of years. She has nurtured the skills of many junior nurses, providing leadership and demonstrating by example compassionate patient-centred values. Despite her managerial role, she always has time for patients and their relatives, maintaining a calm and level head during times of high turnover and pressure.

On winning the award, Emma said: “I am so delighted and slightly overwhelmed but feel so privileged to have been chosen from so many inspirational nominees. I just want to say a big thank you to the people who nominated me.”

Quality Improvement Champion: Julie Dyer

The Quality Improvement Champion award was given to Julie Dyer, an obstetric theatres team leader and ODP, for being pivotal in taking forward the #TheatreCapChallenge Quality Improvement project in Obstetric Theatres which has grown into a movement rolled out in other areas throughout the trust and across the world in support of improving patient safe. The #TheatreCapChallenge is about putting the individuals role and name printed on the theatre cap e.g. ‘ Sonia Obstetric Doctor’ , ‘Sally Maternity Care Assistant’ which improves communication and patient safety in emergency situations and helps staff identify quickly who is who.

Registered Practitioner of the Year: Rachel Kelley

Rachel Kelley, nurse in charge on Gate 25A, won the Registered Practitioner of the Year award for her dedication and helpfulness and going ‘above and beyond’.

Rachel’s colleagues said she constantly puts in all of her possible effort into every aspect of her work and goes above and beyond in all areas, she handles all difficult situations in a calm and efficient manner, incredibly professional at all times. She is kind and fair and expects nothing in return as it is just what she does and would never give anything less.

Team of the Year: ASCR Clinical Governance

The ASCR clinical governance team won the Team of the Year award for working tirelessly to improve the experience of patients who are cared for at NBT and the safety of services we provide. The team have driven clinical governance changes across the division over this last year and have gone ‘above and beyond their role’ to support others during difficult times and guiding them to the appropriate resources.

Unregistered Practitioner of the Year: Dianne Selwyn

Dianne Selwyn, is a bank healthcare assistant, was awarded the Unregistered Practitioner of the Year award for her compassion towards her role.

Dianne’s team said: “Dianne is a very compassionate, caring, trustworthy and a very hardworking Healthcare Assistant.

“She is a very good team worker and will go out of her way to help others, not only her patients but their relatives and also staff. 

“Lots of people say that they would go that extra mile in their job to help others but Dianne would not just go one mile, if she had the time she would do a 100 miles more.“

Full list of Winners and Nominations:

Educator of the year:

Kath Bloomberg
Complex Care Senior Staff Nurses
Lilibeth Uy
Clare Ross
Kitt Waring
Becky Fowler (Winner)

Inspirational Leader

Emma Wright
Natalie Wood
Bev Davies
Vicky Preece
Catherine Gale
Jordi Martinez
Mel De Witt
Jackie Binns
Marianne Evans
Luisa Goddard
Annie Langford
Shelley Panayiotou
Emma Parslow (Winner)
Hannah Morris
Martin Williams
Emma Stedman and Emily Richardson
Su Monk
Sarah Crosswell

Quality Improvement Champion

ANTT lead Nicky Mackey
Lintumol Chacko
Julie Dyer (Winner)
Emma Kislingbury
Marianne Evans
Katharine Caddick
Cathy Churchill

Registered Practitioner

Rachel Kelly (Winner)
Tania Alvarez
Harriet Lineham
Nicola Davies
Michelle Budworth
Victoria Preece
Kitt Waring

Unregistered Practitioner

Julie Wills
Susan Bryant
Lynn Cox
Paula Tegg
Matt Rees
Michelle Wright
Annet Nankya
Jakub Zbonikowski
Dianne Selwyn (Winner)
Tina Thomson
Joanna Jankowska

Team of the Year

Gate 7B
Rheumatology Nurse Specialists
Gate 6B
Gate 28A
ASCR Clinical Governance Team (Winners)
Elective Orthopaedic Theatres
ASCR Matron Team
Acute Medical Unit
Cotswold Ward
Haematology Team
Plaster Room
Maternity Sonography Team