Work Experience at NBT awarded Gold by Fair Train

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Congratulations to everyone involved in work experiences placements at NBT this hard work and dedication has been recognised by achieving Gold by the Fair Train association which is the standard for work experience accreditation.

Last year the Learning and Development team organised over 500 placements with applicants aged 14 and upwards from job centres, schools, colleges and universities.  They offer a range of opportunities within a variety of roles around the Trust. If you are interested or would like any more information then please email

The Learning and Development team organises various opportunities for young people to gain experience of the NHS and our Trust. These include careers events, there last event in March was attended by 700 people, work shadowing, taster workshops and work experience using specialised programmes to help applicants enhance their CV and see what their future workplace may be like. Work experience placements can provide real success for those undertaking them.

The work experience team have continued to support all applications being flexible with timings and areas depending on the needs of the applicants. Once the placement has finished evaluations forms are complete to ensure improvements in the placements.

If you have children who are looking to undertake work experience at NBT please contact to find out more about the opportunities they offer.