Patient and Carer Partner (Short-term)


*This is not typically a patient facing role, if you are interested in volunteering within a ward based environment please look at our other opportunities, such as our Patient Befriender role.*

At North Bristol NHS Trust patients are the most important people in the health service and are at the centre of what we do. Patients and carers are the ‘experts’ in how they feel and what it is like to live with or care for someone with a particular illness or condition.

Patients and carers can be influential partners in driving, delivering, and supporting change. We want you to provide us with constructive feedback that will help to shape and improve the patient experience in our services.

We are looking for patients and carers from across our hospitals to work with us as Patient and Carer Partners. You can have received care as an inpatient or outpatient, in any department.  We want to provide accessible volunteer opportunities that make a difference. We understand that some people may not be able to commit to a long-term role and would prefer to offer occasional or one-off involvement and input.

Commitment level

This role is an opportunity to make a short-term commitment to improving patient experience, for occasional or one-off involvement that is relevant to your expertise. This may include working on a specific project, task, or activity. 

There is an opportunity to take part in other projects in the future. You will be welcome to attend the Patient and Carer Partnership Group meetings which are held every quarter (4 per year) during your role.

Summary of duties

•    To take part in occasional improvement projects, tasks, or activities. Constructively offering ideas and opinions which reflect the experience of patients, carers, and families. 
•    Helping staff to see issues through the eyes of patients, family members and carers.
•    If relevant to the project you are involved in, constructively challenging the organisation about the impact on patients of any service changes or developments. 
•    If relevant to the project, you may be able to help with developing and reviewing policy, procedures, patient materials and other information.
•    To give a written or verbal update to the Patient and Carer Partnership Group meetings on your involvement activity. 
•    Maintain strict confidentially about anything, you may see or hear.

Skills, experience, attitudes, and qualities needed


•    Are or have been a patient/carer using NHS services
•    Ability to communicate well (with or without support) in English
•    Passionate about ensuring the patient voice is heard and having an impact
•    Wanting to make a difference for patients and carers using NBT services
•    Ability to challenge respectfully and constructively
•    Excellent listening skills and a non-judgmental attitude
•    A friendly and open manner
•    To feel comfortable in an acute hospital environment
•    To adhere to the Trust values of always treating others with respect
•    Understand the importance of staying within the boundaries of the role description

Training and information provided

•    Induction to Trust (local handbook)
•    Training on Infection Prevention; Fire, Health and Safety; Safeguarding; Equality and Diversity.  
•    Guidance on how to constructively challenge staff. 
•    Training specific to activity undertaken.
•    NHS jargon (Glossary provided).
•    Information and support to understand the reported experience of patients at NBT e.g., survey data, themes from complaints, comments, compliments etc.

Challenges of the position

•    May be exposed to poor experiences of patients that may cause emotional distress.
•    Constructively challenging staff and ensuring the patient perspective is heard.
•    Any concerns raised by patients/carers or families while in your role must always be directed to the responsible staff member

Boundaries of the position

Volunteering within the NHS has clear boundaries to ensure that we are keeping our patients and volunteers safe. Please download the detailed role description below for further details. 

Reimbursement of expenses

•    Travel expenses to and from the hospital can be reimbursed
•    Meal vouchers for use in the staff Vu restaurant are offered if volunteering for over 4 consecutive hours in one day

Benefits of volunteering

•    Satisfaction of being able to make a real difference to the patient experience in NBT.
•    To develop working knowledge of NBT and wider NHS.
•    To develop skills in constructively challenging staff to make sure the patient voice is being heard throughout the wider organisation.
•    Develop skills and experience that may be transferable to paid employment, such as working as a part of a team.
•    References can be provided on completion of three months in the role, if required.
•    Making friends with other Patient and Carer Partners and meeting new people.
•    Awards in recognition for your contribution.
•    Free parking.

Recruitment information

You will be asked to provide two independent references from people who have known you for more than three years (this cannot be a family member)

For further informaiton

If you have any questions about this role or you are looking to give feedback but are not able to commit to being a Patient and Carer Partner, we would still love to hear from you. Please contact Emily Ayling, Patient Experience Manager by email on or call 0117 414 4573.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this volunteer opportunity, please click the link below to be taken to the application portal, where you will be able to apply online: 

Current Vacancies | North Bristol NHS Trust (

If you would like an alternative method to apply, such as a paper application form, please get in touch with us directly on: 

Telephone Number: 0117 414 0110


Postal Address: Volunteer Services, North Bristol NHS Trust, Brunel building, Level 1, Gate 18, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB