Account of the Quality of Clinical Services

Priorities for improvement

Every year the Trust sets priorities for improvement which are consulted upon internally and externally and represent areas where we would like to see significant improvement over the course of the year. In the Quality Account we lay out how we have worked towards achieving them and the evidence we have to show our progress so far.

1. We will ensure patients are supported, active partners in choosing their course of clinical care with their health professional, clarifying what matters most to them and personalising care plans to their specific needs.

2. We will work collaboratively with our community partners to efficiently identify and treat healthcare problems, so patients experience safe and effective care and do not stay in hospital longer than necessary.

3. We will work collaboratively to ensure patients in need of emergency care are assessed and treated using services appropriate to their clinical needs and urgency.

4. We will provide high quality maternity care that is safe, effective and personalised to the women and babies that need it and supportive of people that work in it.

5. We will work across primary and secondary care to deliver timely diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer, listening to our patients, families and carers to co-design their care.

6. We will work collaboratively with patients, communities and system partners to ensure equity in access for planned care through appropriate prioritisation and enabling patients to 'wait well’.