Account of the Quality of Clinical Services

Priorities for improvement

Every year the Trust sets priorities for improvement which are consulted upon internally and externally and represent areas where we would like to see significant improvement over the course of the year. In the Quality Account we lay out how we have worked towards achieving them and the evidence we have to show our progress so far.

1. Ensure quality and safety of services is sustained whilst recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic:

• Maintaining excellence in infection prevention and control (COIC)
• Ensuring the appropriate clinical priorities for recovery work (CEAC)
• Keeping people waiting for planned care safe (CEAC)
• Maintaining safety and excellent outcomes from emergency care (CEAC)

2. Being Outstanding for safety—a national leader in implementing the NHS Patient Safety Strategy.

3. Ensuring excellence in our maternity services, delivering safe and supportive maternity care.

4. Meeting the identified needs of patients with learning disabilities, autism, or both.