Account of the Quality of Clinical Services

Priorities for improvement

Our priorities for improvement for 2018/19 were decided during 2017/18 as the focus for improvement work over the last year. In the following pages we lay out how we have worked towards achieving them and the evidence we have to show our progress so far.

  1. Eliminate Delays in Hospital to Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Bed Occupancy (‘Home is Best’).
  2. Enhancing the Way Patient Involvement and Feedback is Used to Influence Care and Service Development.
  3. Improving End of Life Care.
  4. Strengthen Learning and Action by Embedding Quality Governance at Specialty, Cluster and Divisional Level. 
  5. Demonstrate a Stronger Clinical Understanding and Application of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Download: PDF icon North Bristol NHS Trust Quality Account 2018-19.pdf