Patient Safety

North Bristol NHS Trust is delighted to introduce a new Patient Safety Incident Response Plan (PSIRP).

The Trust are early adopters of the national Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and one of four organisations in the South West currently piloting the new approach. The plan sets out how we will respond, learn and improve from patient safety incidents to improve patient safety.

The PSIRP was co-developed with colleagues across the Trust, the patient partnership, local commissioners and the national patient safety team. It is founded upon the key aim of promoting a just culture, providing staff with a psychologically safe space to discuss and learn from events and proactively reduce the risk of harm.

The National Patient Safety team commented “Systems thinking is evident throughout all aspects of NBT’s patient safety incident response plan. As part of this, there is a clear commitment to staff and patient involvement. The plan portrays complex challenges in a meaningful way and provides a clear overview of how NBT will respond to patient safety incidents. We’re looking forward to following and learning from NBT’s implementation journey”.

As an early adopter, the Trust is part of a group of organisations that will be actively learning through the process. Throughout implementation, the Trust will monitor the impact and effectiveness of the plan and the wider PSIRF. The Trust will continue to provide ongoing feedback to NHS England & Improvement as early adopters in preparation for national roll out of PSIRF.

The plan and framework form part of the Patient Safety Strategy.

Download NBT Patient Safety Strategy: