Ms Sophie Cottrell, BA, MSC, MRCSLT

Ms Sophie Cottrell, BA, MSC, MRCSLT

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from City University in 1998 and since that time I have worked with adults with acquired neurological disorders in a variety of settings. My primary interest is in the area of aphasia and I have recently been fortunate to receive funding for a project looking at the use of mindfulness and other cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and their impact on people with aphasia.
I have also carried out research into information-giving for people with aphasia on stroke wards, which culminated in the publication of ‘Stroke Talk’, an aphasia-friendly resource for people in hospital following stroke.

Current Research

Systematic review: Are mindfulness and other CBT techniques effective in improving communication in people with acquired, non-progressive aphasia?

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