Apprenticeships at NBT

Monday, 18 March 2019

As part of this years National Apprenticeship Week, that was 4 - 8 March, our chief executive Andrea Young and communications apprentice Roxanne Dabir took turns to interview one another about apprenticeships at North Bristol NHS Trust.

There is a wide variety of apprenticeships available at our Trust; to find out more click here.

Apprenticeships are available to all, whether you are actively searching for employment and would like to learn on the job while completing qualifications, or whether you are currently in post.

Andrea Young said, "We have somebody who came to us with no qualifications, went on the apprenticeship scheme and eventually got her degree from UWE in nursing. She is working with us as a transplant nurse. She went all the way. I think it is up to you as the apprentice but we'd like to support you all the way, however far you want to go."