Leaving Hospital - Home is Best

From the day you are admitted to hospital, the staff involved in your care will work together to assess your needs in preparation for leaving hospital.

We ask you to provide us with all the necessary information that will help with planning your hospital care and timely discharge as early as possible. This should include any services you are currently receiving whether privately arranged or from Community Care or District Nursing.

On the first day of your stay you will receive an estimated date of discharge (EDD). This is a provisional date and as a result of your treatment and care, this date may change. You will be kept informed of any changes to this date.

When your discharge date is identified you will need to make the necessary arrangements which may include transport home. If you or your relatives/carers have any concerns about your hospital discharge or transfer, do not hesitate to ask a member of the team.

I live in a care home – will I go there straight after hospital?

You will be COVID tested 48 hours before you leave hospital and go to a care home. If you have already tested positive for the coronavirus, we will let your care home know.

Discharge Lounge

Where possible, discharge arrangements will be made so you are able to vacate your hospital bed. This may include transfer to the Discharge Lounge; we will prepare you and keep you informed. The Discharge Lounge is a safe area providing nursing care and regular refreshments and meals, including breakfast, where you can wait for transport or collection.

If you need to book a taxi to take you home, please ask one of the team to help you. Under certain circumstances (criteria applies), staff will arrange transport home for you and the hospital will pay.

For information on health and wellbeing services, support organisations, activities and groups visit www.wellaware.org.uk

Discharge Lounge

Gate 24, Level 1
Brunel building
Southmead Hospital

Telephone: 0117 4140280