SMTN Medical Training

European Trauma Course

The European trauma course is an internationally recognised trauma course covering the initial assessment and management of a major trauma patient. It is certified by the European Resuscitation Council. The course is a mix of workshops and scenarios course which is reflective of the European (including UK) approach to trauma in the hospital setting. This is a chargeable course – approx. £750 per attendee.

Duration: 2 ½ days, twice per year

Target candidates: Aimed at nurses and doctors who will be involved in the initial management and assessment of a major trauma patient. Usually band 6 and above nurses, or doctors ST3 and higher.

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Trauma Team Leader

This annual regional update for Severn Major Trauma Network trauma team leaders (TTL’s) is a mandatory course for TTL’s. Attendance on at least 1 day every 3 years is required to remain on the rota. It consists of a series of lectures and wet lab dissections that focuses on recent changes in trauma practice and surgical skills required for rare events. These events include (but not restricted to) resuscitative thoracotomy, lateral canthotomy, emergency amputation and surgical airways.

Duration: 1 day, once per year

Target candidates: Trauma Team Leaders and aspiring Trauma Team Leaders who will are eligible to join the consortium or emergency department trauma team leader rotas. (Substantive Consultants in post within the trauma network, who have sufficient credibility in managing major trauma patients.)

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Emergency Anaesthesia in Major Trauma

This is a half day simulation course, aimed at those providing anaesthesia cover on the 3rd on-call rota covering major trauma calls and ED nurses. The purpose of the course is to provide an evidenced-based, standardised approach to emergency anaesthesia for major trauma. It focuses on utilising our Standard Operating Procedure for rapid sequence induction in trauma.

It aims to consolidate the experiences of trauma anaesthesia candidates have and provide exposure to the common emergencies and guidelines associated with anaesthesia for Major Trauma in the MTC.

Duration: ½ day, 3-4 times per year.

Target candidates: Those who will be delivering or assisting in the delivery of anaesthesia to major trauma patients in the emergency department. This includes senior nurses, trauma team leaders and senior trainees (ST3+) and consultants in anaesthesia and critical care. Places open to the network.

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Chest Drain

This course is a combination of workstations, and lectures specifically related to surgical intercostal chest drains in the context of major trauma. It covers indications, complications, technique for insertion and ongoing management of the drains. The last section looks at the indications for referral and the bespoke traumatic chest injury pathway including access to specialist thoracic services.

Duration: ½ day, 3 times per year (MTC). 1 session planned at YDH.

Target candidates: Those who may be expected to insert chest drains in trauma i.e. ST3 and higher specialist trainees in orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, anaesthetics/ intensive care, and emergency medicine. Places open to the network.

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Scribe Education Sim

Introduction to the role of the scribe & in-depth look at the documentation required.

Duration: ½ day as required for MTC or TU’s in the Severn Major Trauma Network

Target candidates: Emergency Department Band 3’s. Places open to the network.

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F1 & F2 trust-wide teaching

We provide training to F1 and F2 doctors trust wide as part of their weekly training programme. We focus on the primary survey, the assessment of the Major Trauma patient and procedures including transfusion, splints and binders and reduction of fractures.

Duration: 1 day

Target candidates: F1 and F2 Doctors

Junior Doctor Induction

We visit departmental induction to explain the role of the Trauma Team and the staff members within it. We also include dates for planned study days and M&M meetings. Currently attend Medicine, General Surgery, Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic induction sessions. We can tailor this training to meet the needs of your staff.

If you would like us to attend your induction, or arrange a specific teaching session, please get in touch.

Duration: 1 day

Target candidates: Junior Doctors

Development of a level 2 Emergency department Severn Network course

Adapted from the Musgrove Park hospital course. This is a comprehensive course mapped to the level 2 requirements in the NMTNG competencies. Would need to be PEER reviewed by the NMTNG once established and running.

Duration: 15 hours, run bi-yearly

Target candidates: Senior nurses and junior doctors in the Emergency Departments across the Severn Network.

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Trauma Team Members – currently on hold

This is a simulation based course looking at technical and non-technical skills for all members of the major trauma team. The aim of the course is to create an environment in which to practice trauma team skills, promote team working and to discuss any aspects of trauma team management.

Duration: 1 day, twice per year

Target candidates: All staff who will be attending trauma calls in the emergency departments.

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