SMTN Nurse and AHP Training

Trauma Immediate Life Support (TILS)

The TILS study day encompasses lectures, workstations & Trauma moulages where all the skills learnt during the day are consolidated in simulation. The candidates are not expected to undertake skills or roles during the day that they don’t undertake in real life, the course helps standardise the care & treatment that each major trauma patient will receive regardless of day/ time of attendance.

Duration: 1 day, 6 times per year at MTC.

Target candidates: All nurses within the Emergency department will complete. New Band 5 nurses starting in the emergency department will be booked into the TILS study day within 6 months of starting their post. There will be a trial period of opening this course up to junior doctors in the Emergency department and wards. Each trauma unit should have their own TILS course implemented with resources provided by the MTC but network places can be made available to support units as required. 

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Trauma Immediate Life Support (TILS) - Recert

To be completed approx. 2 years after TILS. Recap on Trauma skills with new workshops and simulations.

Duration: 1 day, 6 times per year at MTC.

Target candidates: All nursing bands that have completed TILS.

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Neuro Study Day Level 1

Neuro ward study day. Provides an overview of brain anatomy, seizure management, clinical skills including Glasgow Coma Scale assessment, log rolling and hard collar application. Spinal cord injury and autonomic dysreflexia. Brain haemorrhages, neuro psychology and neurogenic bowel and bladder, EVD/lumbar drain management and FVC.

Duration: 7.5 hours, run quarterly

Target candidates: Nurses from 6b, 7a, 25a, 34a, 34b

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Trauma and Musculoskeletal study day

Plan to develop a trauma course with an emphasis on musculoskeletal trauma, and wider areas of major trauma care including special circumstances, psychological aspects, deteriorating patients and chest drain care and management.

Duration: 7.5 hours, run bi-yearly

Target candidates: Nurses from 25a, 6b, ICU, 33a, open to other wards receiving trauma

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25A in situ SIM and clinical skills - Development of a Level 2 Emergency Department Severn Network Course

Adapted from the Musgrove Park hospital course. This is a comprehensive course mapped to the level 2 requirements in the NMTNG competencies. Would need to be PEER reviewed by the NMTNG once established and running.

Duration: 15 hours, run bi-yearly

Target candidates: Senior nurses and junior doctors in the Emergency Departments across the Severn Network.

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