SMTN Policies

Severn Major Trauma Network Policies 

Severn Trauma Adult Guideline Manual 2022 (STAG Manual 2022) 



Severn Major Trauma Network 

- Major Trauma Automatic Acceptance Policy


- Mass Casualty and Major Incident


- Network Repatriation 



- Inter-Hospital Transfer of Major Trauma Patients 

- Pre-Hospital Blood  

- Pre-Hospital Handover

- Registration of Patients with Uncertain Details


The Emergency Department 

-The Trauma Team

- Emergency Department and Critical Care Drug Bags

- Death and Breaking Bad News in the Emergency Department


Airway and Anaesthesia

- Emergency Anaesthesia for Major Trauma

- Emergency Surgical Airway

- Oral and Maxillofacial Injuries



Thoracic Injuries

- Chest Injuries in Major Trauma 

- Management of Fractured Ribs and Flail Chest

- Management of Cardiac Injuries

- Overview of Chest Drain Insertion and Management

- Resuscitative Thoracotomy

- Traumatic Cardiac Arrest



Major Haemorrhage & Vascular Injuries 

- Major Haemorrhage

- TXA Use in Trauma Patients

- Traumatic Vascular Injury



Traumatic Brain Injury & Spinal Injury 

- Traumatic Brain Injury 

- Spinal Injury



Abdomen & Pelvis

- Assessment and Management of Major Abdominal Trauma

- AAST Organ Injury Grades

- Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Management




- Open Fractures

- Compartment Syndrome

- Tertiary Survey




- Whole Body CT Imaging Protocol

- Interventional Radiology

- Southmead Radiology Department




- Specialist Dietetic Management and Nutritional Support

- Amputee Referral Pathway

- Referral Guidelines To Rehabilitation Services