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The regional Major Trauma Network ensures that patients who suffer serious injury within the Severn area are transported safely and quickly to an appropriate service, returned closer to home as soon as is possible (whilst maintaining specialist input into their care) and receive care of the highest quality irrespective of where they live and whenever they suffer a serious injury.

Adult Major Trauma Centre

North Bristol NHS Trust is one of two designated Major Trauma Centres in South West England, servicing the Severn region.

The Major Trauma Centre, supported by six acute trusts as designated trauma units, helps increase chances of survival and recovery for seriously ill patients.

The Brunel building, Southmead Hospital, is equipped with a helipad and a major specialty for:

Pelvic Surgery
Open Fractures

As a Major Trauma Centre, Southmead Hospital will ensure that patients who are admitted have access to specialist equipment and a full range of trauma specialists, including orthopaedics, neurosurgery and radiology teams.

This will help improve patient’s chances of survival and help them recover faster; it is estimated that survival rates are increased by up to 30%.

In addition to clinical teams we have a team of experienced nurses and therapists who are available specifically to coordinate the care of seriously injured patients and provide support and information to patients and families both during and after their stay at the Major Trauma Centre.

Children’s Major Trauma Centre

The Major Trauma Centre accepts patients from across the South West of England, from Cornwall to Gloucester, covering a paediatric population of around 810,000. In its first year, the centre has seen 202 paediatric major trauma patients. The day marked the first anniversary of the hospital becoming the Paediatric Major Trauma Centre for the South West of England, as well as the centralisation of specialist paediatric services in Bristol. For more information visit Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Trauma Units

Depending on journey time and the type of injury, patients may be taken directly to Southmead Hospital from the scene of the trauma, or via another hospital; a trauma unit.

Trauma units provide initial stabilising treatment for some patients, and can provide some specialist care.  Patients who are not local to Bristol will sometimes transfer back to their local unit for further care and rehabilitation which enables patients to continue their recovery closer to home and family.

Major Trauma Map Cheltenham and Weston General Hospital are local emergency hospitals within the network; they are not designated trauma units and will not receive any acute major trauma patients but do receive patients transferring out of the Major Trauma Centre after initial treatment.

The Severn Major Trauma Network Trauma Units are:

Trauma Unit

Trauma Unit Website

Bristol Royal Infirmary

Gloucester Royal Hospital

Yeovil District Hospital

Great Western Hospital

Royal United Hospital

Musgrove Park Hospital

Pre-Hospital providers 

We work with a number of pre hospital providers who ensure that seriously injured patients are taken appropriately to a specialist centre for care.  Our Pre-Hospital providers include South West Ambulance Service, Devon Air Ambulance, Great Western Air Ambulance, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Support after discharge - Rehabilitation Prescription

Leaving the Major Trauma Centre can be a worrying time for patients and their families whether you are going directly home or transferring for further care and rehabilitation.

To help with this transition we will provide all patients with contact details for the Major Trauma Team along with a copy of their own individual Rehabilitation Prescription. 

The Rehabilitation Prescription documents key information detailing your injuries, management and ongoing rehabilitation needs. Alongside this is a forecast of expected follow up from therapists and/or surgical/medical teams who treated you. Additional guidance on dietary advice and how to return to your normal lifestyle and activities can also be provided. 

The Major Trauma Practitioners are happy to respond to any questions or queries after you have left the Major Trauma Centre and this can prove invaluable patient recovery and to support integration back in to your own world!

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