Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board are required to make an annual declaration of any interests which they have.

In addition Board members are required to provide an update during the year should a new interest arise, or an interest cease. Where the interest ceases, the information will be held on the record for a period of at least six months.  

Ms Michele Romaine, Chair 

  • Nothing to declare.

Mr Kelvin Blake, Non-Executive Director 

  • Non-Executive Director of BRISDOC.
  • Trustee of Second Step. 
  • Trustee of the SS Great Britain Trust.
  • Trustee of the Robins Foundation.
  • Member of the Labour Party.

Mr Tim Gregory, Non-Executive Director

  • Employed by Cornwall Council as Service Director – Regulatory Services. 

Mr Richard Gaunt, Non-Executive Director 

  • Non-Executive/Governor of City of Bristol College.
  • Non-Executive Director of Alliance Homes, social housing and domiciliary care provider.

Ms Kelly Macfarlane, Non-Executive Director

  • Sister is Centre Leader of Genesiscare Bristol (Private Oncology).
  • Sister works for Pioneer Medical Group, Bristol.
  • Managing Director, HWM-Water (manufacturing company).
  • Director, Radcom Technologies Limited (dormant company)
  • Director of ASL Holdings Limited (manufacturing of communications equipment)
  • Director of Invenio Systems Limited (engineering)
  • Non-Exec Director of Advanced Electronics Limited (manufacturing)

Professor Sarah Purdy, Non-Executive Director

  • Professor Emeritus, University of Bristol
  • Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
  • Member of the British Medical Association
  • Member, Barts Charity Grants Committee
  • Shareholder (more than 25% but less than 50%) Talking Health Limited

Indirect Interests (i.e. through association of another individual e.g. close family member or relative) via Graham Rich who is:

  • Chair, Armada Topco Limited.
  • Director, Talking Health Ltd.
  • Chair, EHC Holdings Topco Limited.

Dr Jane Khawaja, Non-Executive Director

  • Employee and Member of the Board of Trustees, University of Bristol.
  • Director of Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation.
  • Director of Bristol Future Talent Partnership.
  • Commissioner, Bristol Commission on Race Equality.
  • Member of Bristol City Funds, Investment Advisory Committee.

Mr Shawn Smith, Non-Executive Director 

  • Bluebells Consultancy Ltd (sole shareholder)
  • Raytheon Ltd (contractor)
  • Governor of City of Bristol College
  • Trustee of Frank Water
  • Elim Housing Association (co-opted committee member)

Mr Darren Roach, Associate Non-Executive Director

  • His wife works as a nurse at the University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust
  • Non-Executive Director, Seable Limited, a social enterprise supporting trips and holidays for visually impaired people 

Mr Omar Mashjari, Associate Non-Executive Director

  • Employee of the University of the West of England (UWE).
  • Trustee of Human Appeal (charity).
  • Director of Alacrity Services Limited (London) (dormant company).
  • Director of Alacrity Group Limited (London) (dormant company).

Ms Maria Kane, Chief Executive

  • Advisory Group Member of CHKS, a provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services (remuneration donated to charity).
  • Visiting Professor to the University of the West of England (unremunerated).

Mr Steve Curry, Chief Operating Officer

  • Nothing to declare.

Mr Neil Darvill, Chief Digital Information Officer (non-voting position)

  • Wife works as a senior manager for Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Mental Health Trust.
  • Stepbrother is an employee of the Trust, working in the Cancer Services Team.

Mr Peter Mitchell, Interim Chief People Officer (non-voting position)

  • Nothing to declare.

Mr Glyn Howells, Chief Finance Officer

  • Governor and Vice Chair of Newbury College (voluntary).

Mr Tim Whittlestone, Chief Medical Officer

  • Director of Bristol Urology Associates Ltd: undertakes occasional private practice (Urology Specialty) at company office, outside of NBT contracted hours.
  • Chair of the Wales and West Acute Transport for Children Service (WATCh).
  • Vice Chair of the South-West Genomic Medicine Service Alliance Board.
  • Wife is an employee of the Trust.
  • Director of 3RO Ltd (providing medical advice to international NGOs etc).

Professor Steve Hams, Chief Nursing Officer

  • Visiting Professor, University of the West of England
  • Director, Curhams Limited (dormant company)
  • Independent Trustee and Chair of the Infection Prevention Society
  • Associate Non-Executive Director, Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board
  • Husband is employed by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  

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