How we use your Feedback

The feedback we receive though the Friends and Family Test, verbally, surveys, focus groups, concerns and complaints is a key driver for any improvements we make. As an organisation we strive to involve the public in any changes we make and we are working hard to become outstanding at this. This it to make sure that any changes we make put patients first.

We currently:

  • see your feedback as soon as you submit it, with the exception of written postcards, which can take up to 10 days
  • review your feedback we receive on a weekly basis and monitor for themes and trends. We raise any concerns and praise teams, services and individuals that can be seen to be providing exceptional care
  • share your feedback with the Executive Board members and highlight any causes for concern as well as examples of best practice
  • share our Friends and Family Test feedback with NHS England on a monthly basis and which is published on their website

We are currently working towards:

  • making sure your feedback is read, comments are acted upon with good practice and positive feedback shared
  • improvement opportunities being identified  with an action plan created
  • equipping senior members of staff to be able to access and, most importantly, have the tools to use the feedback you provide to improve patients’ experience
  • promoting the changes and improvements we have made as a result of the feedback you have provided to us
  • encouraging and inviting more people to be involved in designing the changes we make to improve patient experience.