Why does my feedback matter?

Why feedback is important

We are passionate about listening to the feedback we receive from our patients and carers. It is vital to improving and guiding our services and helps maintain caring, exceptional and safe care.

The importance of feedback is not what is collected but what is done with it.

We respond to your feedback by listening to you, and then communicating with management, as well as clinical and non-clinical staff. We make changes, praise staff and investigate where we need to. This page is where we tell you what changes we have made in response to your feedback.

You said; We did;

"There is always a big queue at the payment machines and my disabled mum and I really struggled waiting in the cold corridor"

We introduced a new parking validation process. Blue badge holders can now approach a Move Maker in the main Brunel Building atrium and have their parking validated on an iPad.

We also shut the main doors of the parking machine corridor to limit the amount of cold air flowing through. A short nearby diversion allows access to the car park instead.

"The waiting area for Gynaecology Emergency Clinic is uncomfortable and unwelcoming" We introduced better seating and installed a whiteboard for staff to write a daily welcome message.

We communicated this feedback to staff and it was agreed a more visible presence of staff engaging with patients in the waiting room was important.
We also added a water dispenser and vending machine with hot drinks.
More comfortable chairs and a television have been purchased through charitable funds.

"I was moved wards late at night. It was unpleasant" We implemented new guidelines that patients are only moved during night time when absolutely necessary.

We also advised staff to explain this to a patient if they are moved late at night to encourage understanding that it is necessary.


We are NBTProud

There are over 8,000 reasons why North Bristol NHS Trust is a place to be #NBTProud of. We support and care for every member of staff, every carer, every visitor, and will always put the patient first. We recognise the person, and treat each one with dignity and respect. We are OneNBT.


Staff were calm and explained everything. If I had any questions, they were answered and everyone was really kind - Physiotherapy Outpatient


The warmth of the staff along with with their excellent skills makes the department fantastic - Gastroenterology