Workforce Monitoring

Gender Pay Gap Report

This report presents the gender pay gap for North Bristol NHS Trust and provides information to inform the Trust’s ongoing commitment to equality and diversity. In calculating the gender pay gap the Trust has had the opportunity to consider how the gap at organisation level differs from that seen in certain staff groups or within individual pay bands which has supported the identification of areas for improvement. The gender pay gap is the difference in average hourly earnings between men and women. This is different to pay inequality, which compares the wages of men and women doing the same job.


Annual Equality Statistics Report

Monitoring staff enables us to see whether we are offering equality of opportunity in recruitment and promotion.

Monitoring health services is an important part of understanding the access needs and experiences of our staff and also assessing whether we are responding to needs of our patients in an appropriate and effective manner.

These assist us when we are monitored by external examiners like the Quality Care Commission and the Clinical Commissioning Group and others. 

Gender Pay Gap Queries

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