BBCC Research

Research is an essential part of Bristol Breast Care Centre and we may ask you during your visit whether you would like to take part in one of our research studies. Whether or not you take part is entirely your choice and will not affect your treatment. We will provide you with information to enable you to make an informed decision.

Clinical research is key to developing and improving treatments for patients now and in the future, so we really appreciate your time and contribution. All Breast Care consultants and medical staff fully support the research that is undertaken.

Researchers from the University of Bristol also use the facilities at the Bristol Breast Care Centre. One ongoing trial is looking at the MARIA (Multistatic Array processing for Radiowave Image Acquisition) system, which is a novel breast imaging technique using harmless radio waves to capture high resolution 3D images. The system is designed to capture the type of image an MRI scanner would produce but in much less time, and to reduce painful breast compression such as that experienced during mammogram. The hope is to produce a more cost effective method of screening, which could also be utilised in other countries.