Breast Prosthesis Clinic

The Prosthesis fitting Clinic is offered once a week on a Monday morning at the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre, Southmead Hospital, for all patients that require a breast prosthetic/bra fitting.

Run by our experienced fitters, Helen Lewis (Trulife) and Tracy Emerson (Amoena), every patient is offered a prosthetic post-mastectomy free of charge.

Approximately 5-6 weeks post surgery, dependent upon wound healing and the fact that any post–operative swelling has settled, you will be offered an appointment for the fitting clinic. Prioir to this a temporary very soft form prosthetic is available to all patients undergoing mastectomy surgery without reconstruction – these soft prosthetics are fully washable, and can be worn as as soon after surgery as is comfortable.


Helen Mann Clinical Nurse Specialist in nurses room

If a problem should arise with your prosthetic, please phone through to the Bristol Breast Care Centre and have the relevant information to hand – we usually ask for the make, Amoena or Trulife, and the number and size of the prothetic you have been suppled with (these are usually clearly printed on the box it will have been suppled in). We can then reorder a replacement to be delivered straight to your home address.

Similarly, if at any point the prosthetic becomes too big or too small, usually due to weight gain or weight loss, we can rebook you to the fitting clinic for another fit.

The Breast prosthetics usually get a replaced approx. every 2 years.