Breast New Patient Clinic

The Bristol Breast Care Centre New Patient Clinic is for women and men who have been referred by their GP and includes patients with breast pain, lumps and/or bumps, breast changes or discharge.

Patients are usually over the age of 16 year of age, although we also see children.

Bristol Breast Care Centre welcome desk
With 8 Consultants, the Clinic runs every day of the week at Bristol Breast Care Centre, Southmead Hospital. 

At your first appointment, if appropriate you would usually have a mammogram, potentially alongside an ultrasound scan and possibly a biopsy, all performed on that same day at Bristol Breast Care Centre. This can mean you will be present at the Clinic for up to 3 or 4 hours, we welcome and encourage you to bring someone with you during this time. 

There are refreshments, within the Centre, available so please ensure you bring sufficient change.

You will then be seen by a Breast Care Consultant, again all on the same day, and offered an appointment which will be around  1-2 weeks later for your results. 

If further tests, for example an MRI scan, are  required, they cannot be done on the same day and you would need to return at a later date. 

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