Current Breast Care Research

With approval from North Bristol NHS Trust’s Research and Innovation department, we are involved in the following research:

Bridging the Age Gap

This study is asking ladies who are 70 years of age or older, to gather information on how older women with breast cancer are treated and how well they do. This will provide evidence to guide treatment of older patients in the future. It is an observational questionnaire based study.

Study of Novilase Laser Ablation of Small Breast Cancers

This study is asking for ladies who have been newly diagnosed with small breast cancers. The laser device is approved for use on benign tumours in the USA, and the aim of this research study is to see if it can be used to destroy malignant breast tumours and therefore reduce the need for surgery. Ladies taking part in this study will have the laser treatment followed by surgery and all the other standard treatments available. We are proud to be the lead recruiters in the world for this study.


This study is asking for ladies who are 3 years post-surgery and were 50 years of age or older at time of diagnosis. There is currently no standard mammogram follow-up surveillance program in the UK and the frequency of mammograms following surgery will vary from area to area. The aim of this UK-wide study is to determine the optimum frequency and duration of follow-up mammograms.

POSNOC (POsitive Sentinel Node)

This study is looking to determine the optimum treatment of the axilla (armpit) in specific types of patients with metastasis seen in only one or two lymph nodes. Ladies may have surgery or radiotherapy to the axilla together with all the standard treatments available, or they may have all standard treatments except those given specifically to the axilla.